Have you heard about World Pulse?

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls
Posted April 7, 2019 from Fiji
Introducing World Pulse ...
Having our own global south inter-generational moment in Honiara

I'm starting my week in Honiara the capital of the Solomon Islands as a member of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the recently concluded National General Elections.

I cannot write much about the elections due to the code of conduct of the observer mission but I can share that I've had a chance to connect with several women from the "Commonwealth Family" including Kimberly Gilbert of Trinidad and Tobago a Board member of the Caribbean Regional Youth Council.

In between our deployment out to local centres and preparing reports, we have been having our own Inter-generational sharing of experiences.

It has been wonderful to hear the passion and determination in Kimberly's accounts of what she sees, experienced and her vision for supporting young women's empowerment.

I personally want more people to hear about Kimberly and what she has planned.

"Have you heard about World Pulse?" I asked. 

I've introduced Kimberly to World Pulse, showed her how to register and also shared my commitment of writing at least 1 article a month for World Pulse.

Now I am looking forward to following Kimberly not just on "social media" but this is a platform where she can share and learn with women in a safe online space that can encourage her interests and innovations !

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Tamarack Verrall
Apr 07
Apr 07

Dear Sharon,
I love this story! Hearing of women unaware of what we have in World Pulse together finding out about it from a World Pulse sister is such great news.

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls

Thank you !!

Jill Langhus
Apr 08
Apr 08

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for sharing your update and introduction of Kimberly. I'm looking forward to seeing and reading posts from her.

Hope you have a great week!

Hello Sharon,

Thank you for sharing this, my heart is elated that you invited Kimberly to join the community. I too look forward to reading Kimberly's stories.


Beth Lacey
Jul 25
Jul 25

This is great!