Women Who Inspire: Local Peacebuilding, Transformative Collaboration 

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls
Posted September 28, 2020 from Fiji
She has a space ...
She has a space ...: So proud of Adivasu Levu the Executive Director of Transcend Oceania in her new office in Labasa (1/1)


Ì met Adivasu Levu for the first time after the May 2000 crisis as local peacebuilders mobilised through the ECREA Peace Programme and the convening of the National Peace Conference with Lisa Schirch & Father Frank Hoare. ✌✌✌ Adivasu then a peace facilitator committed to the #intercultural approach to peacebuilding in #Fiji did not hesitate to pick up a tape recorder and a bag of tapes to document local women's stories...demonstrating the shared vision of "women speaking to women for peace" as FemLINKpacific took small but steady steps in the development of a #communitymedia network in Vanua Levu, Fiji's second island , grounded in the women, peace and security agenda.

"On the Mat" in Suva we developed the idea of the Community Radio Times to give back to rural women their news and issues...we co-created the concept of Women's Weather Watch. Along the way her peacebuilding work grew as she shared her knowledge with women in a growing network of local women sustaining the peace in their homes and communities!  Making time to also learn along the way Adivasu now leads the Transcend Oceania team which is a founding member of the #shiftingthepowercoalition and also the regional Secretariat of @gppac #Pacific.  ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ Today was a wonderful working day  at the new Transcend Oceania Labasa office - so proud of my Vanua Levu #sistar in her well deserved space! Another reminder of why the investment in women's peacebuilding leadership includes investing in her time and space - "a room of her own" #2020moments of a #tauruswoman #1325+20 #wpsin2020

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Nini Mappo
Sep 29
Sep 29

Hello Sharon,
Thank you for this update. It is great to get a sneak-peak into the progress of Fijian women's peace initiative over two decades. How wonderful that Ms Levu now has a room of her own. I really did like the sound of that!
I can see her using this room and the symbolism of empowerment and freedom that it embodies to do many exploits.
More power to Fijian women :)

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls

Thank you Nini!

Hello, Sharon,

Thank you for this update! It's great to know that you are one of the trailblazers of shifting the power in Fiji. Your posts and updates are inspiring! Congratulations on Vanua Levu for having a space of her own. :)