Sharon Jesscah Odhiambo
Posted March 29, 2021 from Kenya

Growing up, i really wanted to be someone important in the community maybe a Doctor or a lawyer but becoming the woman I am today, had never crossed my mind 

I am sharon Jesscah from Kenya.A social entrepreneur,a counsellor and a social worker by profession.Sharon is the Executive Director and the founder of  Peperusha binti, an organisation that creates awareness and educates young women and girls in the informal settlement areas on sexual reproductive health  and menstrual hygiene with an aim of ending gender based violence in the community

I also run a   program known as "We care" sicklecell program  that aim at creating awareness and educating the community on sicklecell disease.we also advocate for better healthcare services and medication for those living with sicklecell. 

In life,you've only lived to your perfection if you've at one point lifted a finger for someone in need because Every moment of our lives is a place we've never been

Women and girls out here are still suffering no matter the efforts we put every day to make life better for them,theres still more to be done. Young women and girls live in fear of being raped and killed each day in sub saharan region,Asia and even in the middle East.1 out of 3 women are violated every day and even killed and its high time we ought to come together and make the world a better place with no fear for women and girls.

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Katrina Griffin
Mar 30
Mar 30

Yes, I wish we could make the world a better place with no fear for women and girls too! I know that growing up you may have wanted to be a doctor or lawyer, but the work you are doing now is even more important to the community! You are doing the work to make lives better so that maybe some day in the future people don't need doctors or lawyers as they do today. Thank you for the work that you do. You are a hero!