Native Women Rising in North America beyond the Indian Act,

Cowichan Th'wulhalem
Posted February 25, 2017 from Canada
Native Women Rising
To gain national acknowledgement for Native Women from Hul’qumi’num Territory
The Longhouses of Coast Salish Territory
The Longhouses of Coast Salish Territory: Clan Mothers Carry the Word of Law, and Give Direction to Nation inside Longhouse, sometimes a Speaker is utilized but a Clan Mother will speak to her nation without hesitation regarding Social or Justice issues; Lands, Name the Chieftain, Provide the Names, and Delegate Justice. (1/6)

Indigenous Women are a diverse linguistic group of North America, which include the Hul’qumi’num Territory of the north. We honor and respect the diversity of languages to the South Americus. We offer Respect Honour, Truth and Dignity We are Masters of our own Lands and Destiny. We have the right to assemble as a distinct ethnic group. We have the right to govern ourselves. We are a free and oral Family of Tribe. Indigenous Women carry the Word of Law and the Law of the Land. Law is Governed by The Clan Mothers of the Longhouse of Hul’qumi’num Territory. The Indigenous Women exerciseinternal and external sovereignty, with historical laws and networks on a national level with a permanent population fromHul’qumi’num Territory, the Original People of these Territories. We have a cultural and traditional government structured within Longhouse, ceremonies, traditions, with centuries old cultural and traditional social protocols. Native laws that have always existed within our territories thatGovern our everyday living, which was difficult to maintain because of Colonization and Systemic Racism and foreign policies that have oppressed Indigenous women, children and families over generations; the Indain Act. The leaders from each smoke house (Clan Mothers) have the capacity to enter into relationships or agreements with other sovereign and foreign bodies: like the Government of Canada, Government of British Columbia and foreign Corporations, and other countries that are structured under a foreign population with foreign laws to build good relations.We declare the truth to be self-evident for land, entitlement, we have the right to govern the forests, waters, plant life, wild-life, Salish Sea’s, traditional individual rights, and family rights. We have strong collective community and desire to gain a national partnerships to build on collective and political agreement in the best interest of the Indigenous Peoples of Hul’qumi’num Territory. We embrace traditional laws that have governed Coast Salish Territories since the beginning time.We declare that we have the self-governing powers to develop an economic trade, increase economic gain, and work toward advancement within Canadian society and build on race relations within Canadian society including and following Indigenous sustainability without putting wild-life, waters, air and humanity at risk.We intend to reconcile differences with Canada and protect and serve to benefit economically, promote education, employ, and create a foundation of national stability and healing embracing our cultural heritage that has been denied through policy and legislation. We move toward Reconciliation for Acknowledgement, Recognize our Cultural Identity, and Political Governing Powers within our Nations. We seek New Agreements with the Federal Government of Canada to Engage in Economic Development, Social, and Justice Initiatives to make Right the Wrongs Committed since Contact, that caused social-economic damages for Hul’qumi’num Territoryunder the Indian Act; We have a Living Language, a Living Culture, and Living Traditions and Women of the Longhouse Carry the Word of Law. Aho

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Jill Langhus
Feb 26, 2017
Feb 26, 2017

Hi Sharon. Thanks for sharing your post. I do hope that you get your rights back. I've always thought indigenous women were so strong and great role models. I always wished that there were more stories of them when I was growing up. Please keep us posted on your progress on regaining your rights.

Anne D.
Feb 26, 2017
Feb 26, 2017

Hi Sharon. Thanks for helping readers gain some insight into indigenous women, in particular those from Hul’qumi’num Territory.  It sounds like you’re already on your way toward helping build a coalition that will fight for indigenous women and their rights. Keep us updated on your work!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Mar 05, 2017
Mar 05, 2017

Wow Anne,

Thanks for sharing. Am sure that you will get your rights back. As women we are strong and when we are together nothing can stop us. For sure you are on the right yrack and will succeed. Stay blessed and please keep us updated on your progress and future stories. 

Stay blessed my sister

Cowichan Th'wulhalem
Mar 04, 2018
Mar 04, 2018

We campaign for funding, because Native Women 

do not have a Voice for Policies and Legislation; 

permitting continued genocide of Native Women of Canada and our way of life. Please donate!

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