Please Help - Home Security does not exist anymore in Canada.....

Cowichan Th'wulhalem
Posted October 1, 2018 from Canada
Land of the Homeless - I need your help!
Canada does not plan and prepare; this is not "freedom" land, someone out there pays to accommodate! Canada is not protecting and caring for Canadians. I need your help today, to move! My eviction is coming fast from a dirty property manager and landlord. Please help! It is a Silent Crisis for Native Women and Men in Canada to endure this kind of treatment. I reach out world-wide for help! Please care and donate!

Please help, I am going to be homeless in a matter of days.

1st an illegal eviction

2nd ren-eviction

and now new owners have taken ownership

capitalism at its greatest in British Columbia

I need your help to fix my car, and move across the country

to live with daughter, yes, I am pushed into homelessness because of property owner "flipping" condo for profit

I need your help!

It is a Silent Crisis in Canada, that our Leaders try to avoid; I need your help! Please donate $25. and ask friends to meet and match!

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Jill Langhus
Oct 02, 2018
Oct 02, 2018

Oh no, Sharon:-( I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you find a place to move to soon.

Please keep us posted on your progress. Good luck!

Beth Lacey
Apr 29
Apr 29

I hope your situation has improved