Reconciliation for Cultural Longhouse Word of Law; Cowichan

Cowichan Th'wulhalem
Posted May 14, 2019 from Canada
Reconciliation for Longhouse Voices for Reconciliation with British Columbia and Canada
Our longhouses, was just that' a home for a Hereditary Chieftain and his peoples - now its viewed as a place of dance, and all the Hereditary Chieftain and families are pushed into poverty by band policy and Aboriginal Affairs Canada. Timber being sold to China and foreign countries, because of elective and band management debt. We seek a Voice on all Matters Concerning our Lands, Salish Sea's, Economy, Housing, Family Laws; Native Women carry the World of Law, passed down for over 10,000 years. We need your support today, before its all wiped out! Indigenous Women want a "voice" and rise above oppression the Policies have placed on them! Management of band policies have changed, giving strangers opportunities to abuse our longhouse social-economic way of life! We want the abuse to end. Giving voice to Native Women of the Longhouse of Coast Salish Territory! Aho'....
Coast Salish Longhouse Women
Coast Salish Longhouse Women : Mother & Daughter of Coast Salish Territory (1/9)

Grandchildren of Hereditary Chieftains, and especially the women of the Longhouse of Cowichan have been rendered voiceless under the Indian Act on all matters concerning:

1) Lands, Sea, Economy, Housing, Family, and Reserve Policy

2) We seek to engage Elders, and Cultural People to come forward to a forum to become documented on the Past Indigenous Culture, Names, and Places

3) We need your support to have this Forum of Engaging them; please support, care, and donate!

4) Social - Economic issues on-off reserve; where have we been and where are we going? 

5) Oral history that matters, and giving Voice to Indigenous Women of the Longhouse.

6) Native women rising of the Coast Salish Territory! Culture Matters....

7) Supporting one another, without conflict or discrimination; to become a voice!

we continue to campaign, please purchase beading or donate; your support is greatly appreciated, love & light to all women around the world who understand our struggle to overcome barriers to be free;

Please care, read, and donate; accepting gifts for a "give away" at the end of the cultural longhouse forum. 

If you want to donate a gift to an Elder or Women to this gathering of voices, or for a "campaign raffle" please email me on world-pulse,


Aho, Huy Ch Qu'...



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May 14, 2019
May 14, 2019

Ooh its sad to hear. I hope your fundraiser go down well so you are able to get the needed support. Thanks for sharing.

Jill Langhus
May 15, 2019
May 15, 2019

Oh, this is sad, Sharon. What a beautiful, lost tradition. I hope it gets stopped and that at least some of them, or most of them, will remain so that many future generations can enjoy them. Much luck with your fundraiser, as always.

Beth Lacey
May 16, 2019
May 16, 2019

Good luck