Native Women Rising: Salish Sea's and the North.

Cowichan Th'wulhalem
Posted June 16, 2019 from Canada
Our whale population is dying from plastic.
Our whale population is dying from plastic. : Our whales are starving, let us end plastic being dumped in our oceans. (1/7)

As you know our ocean life of the Coast Salish Seas are in dancer, and north of us - the Arctic.

Commercial fishing from China and all fishing vessels are fishing out the salmon; 

the salmon feeds seals, whales, bears, polar bears, foxes, wolves, and eagles. 

Your support world wide to end commercial fishing is needed. 

West Coast and Salish Sea's and Northern Arctic is at Great Risk - when our sea life is at risk; so is humanity. 

All things are connected, and we need your help to end the abuse and over-fishing of our waters

and to stop toxic waste and dumping into our waters. 

Let us end Sport Fishing and Sport Hunting; its not the Indigenous Way to take life for sport. We respect all things, big and small.

All living things have a right to live, and reproduce. 


Please help us, create awareness and consider all things in our waters, rivers and ocean before using it as a garbage dump

or fishing out our salmon. The salmon population needs healing for our bears to eat too! 

Slow the madness down....

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Jun 16
Jun 16

I relate to this your story very much. Last week was world ocean day and I actually dropped something about it here. As regards the over fishing my country just resumed on closed fishing. All fishermen were denied fishing for a period of one whole month to protect the fishes.
It was not easy since it was a commercial business for them. Their livelihood depends on it, however upon advocacy they both agreed on one month. 15 May to 15 June. Yesterday they resumed fishing. I actually hope the days are extended in the near future to protect harvest of fingerlings. Thanks for sharing.

Jill Langhus
Jun 17
Jun 17

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for sharing your passionate post about the state of marine life. I quite agree that quite a bit needs to be done to improve the cleanliness and healthiness of the world's water resources. I'm not sure what to say about commercial fishing because then I can hear people saying well, where will the fish come from to eat and what happens to the jobs for the fishers. Personally, I'm vegetarian, so I don't see the need for it and I also think that it's unsafe to eat most fish now due to all the pollutants, but I'm not sure about the job issue. I definitely think that sport fishing and hunting is completely unnecessary, though.

I hope you're having a good day!

Cowichan Th'wulhalem

If the free trade business of Canada (Canadian Government Economic Initiatives with the world) explored how the First Nations felt about commercial fishing, and the politics of how we fished for 10,000 years, and slowed it down - it is not our responsibility (First Nations) for different parts of the world that desire salmon. It is our main diet, as Coast Salish or Northern Arctic Peoples. My people are starving, but our people won't over-fish in order to gain funding. We have no commercial fishing vessels out there, to make money. We take what we need; and leave the rest. That is how we live, take only what is needed. The tree's are dying here, from the toxic water. Everything is dying here. It isn't the land of plenty - its death all around me. Justin Trudeau doesn't live here, we do...and have from the beginning of time; we are the Salmon People.

Jill Langhus
Jun 17
Jun 17

Well, that makes sense to only take what's needed.

Oh, no:( Poor trees:( So sad!!!

I do hope the tide turns quickly. I keep hearing that it is, but the wait is not fun:(

Cowichan Th'wulhalem

Native women are invisible under the Indian Act, and become pushed through the justice system at an alarming rate today. If a native women defended the land and waters on Indigenous Lands ; they are considered terrorists. Donations needed today!

Anita Shrestha
Oct 09
Oct 09

Thank you very much , Keep it continue.

Cowichan Th'wulhalem

"Conservatives; 2009 when PM Harper's $22.7- billion stimulus package was handed out to farmers he took it from the Indian moneys, never been paid back." while native people starve across Canada. Our fish dying, bears, birds, our lands, our rivers, our oceans. We need world-wide support.