Water Protector needs your help in Canada; we are experiencing one of the Worst Droughts in BC.

Sharon Lewis
Posted June 21, 2019 from Canada
Save our Water: Jessica Dawn Ogden Legal Fees
Jessica Dawn Ogden needs your help with the legal fee's. Clear cutting and deforestation destroys our ecosystem, kills off the wild-life - they have no place to go! The huge companies are going to destroy the future generations of wild-life without a blink of an eye. We are so tired of it, please help Jessica Dawn.

Save our Water: Jessica Dawn Ogden Legal Fees https://www.gofundme.com/f/jessica-dawn-ogden-legal-fees?utm_source=face...

Unsustainable Logging practices threaten the integrity and health of the forests all across British Columbia and Canada. In our Kootenay Valley, millions of trees are cut down every year and shipped off to become pulp for toilet paper and other such items. In search of economic gain, these complex and ancient alpine landscapes are wiped out, ecosystems destroyed, and the effects are devastating and dreadful. Clear cutting is one of the great stupidities of humankind, and one of the most significant contributing factors to the collapse of life-sustaining ecosystems on our planet. When the trees are all destroyed, we lose air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and protection from natural disasters. Our governments couldn't care less, and so, it is time to take matters into our own hands.

Please help out a Water Protector; let us end this madness..she needs your help! aho..

prayers and blessings to water protectors.

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Jun 22
Jun 22

water is life and all should defend and protect our trees

Jill Langhus
Jun 22
Jun 22

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for sharing your post and associated fundraiser. This is sad, indeed:-( Is Greenpeace doing anything about protecting this area?

Jun 22
Jun 22

This is sad. I wish you the best on your fundraiser.

Beth Lacey
Jul 04
Jul 04

I wish Jessica well

Hello, Sharon,

I hope you can raised the needed funds to help save the water protector. Thanks for sharing!