No funds coming to fixed and financially limited Native Women.

Cowichan Th'wulhalem
Posted March 29, 2020 from Canada
We all live on one earth...
Native women of Canada need your support! The same sun rises and sets on all women around the world!
Parliament sits empty today....
Parliament sits empty today....: Government has closed all doors, very little access to services for any crisis. (1/2)

The streets are dead, it looks like dooms day out there and food banks and churches closed! There's no funding trickling down to the poor, yet were under state of emergency and martial law for Social Distancing and no food! The double edge sword coming into play, where the working class gets $2000 a month for walking out of their jobs with this virus moving around fast and quadrupled at each level of hosts! This is the plague consuming the life from their hosts in the path of destruction; Canada! Please donate, We begin our Campaign to help native women during this time; please care, support and donate. Your donations matter....Aho

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Hello, Sharon,

Oh, I hope native women can access support ASAP. This is sad.
We are in the same situation here. This is truly trying times globally. No one expected this crisis to happen, that is why governments are not really prepared for this, no one is.

Canada seems to have more funds than we do. OUr working-class hets next to nothing when in lockdown. :( Let us pray this will end soon.

Jill Langhus
Mar 30
Mar 30

Hi Sharon,

How are you and your family doing, dear? I've been wondering about you lately. I can only imagine the people that were already suffering prior to the virus how they've been affected. I hope they will get the support that they need.

Hope you and your family are safe and well.


Cowichan Th'wulhalem

Native women need your help - lack of services, funds and food. During the time of pandemic, your funds are greatly needed and appreciated; for the largest reserve in Canada and the women who are forgotten and uncared for, making their way out to seek food for their children, they cannot protect themselves- we act to provide help for those that need it. We will get them food and make masks for native women & children. Native women need your help today; they are walking around seeking help with no safety or protection. What happened to safety and protection for all Canadians? During the pox and t.b pandemic; it took the lives of approximately 200,000 First Nations Peoples through blankets. The de-population was massive; lets save Native Women,for without them, there is no nation. Donate.