Evicted, right after Covid lock down.

Cowichan Th'wulhalem
Posted September 5, 2020 from Canada
I need help to relocate with low-limited income for the move.
I believe I was treated with serious racism & discrimination; but I have no time to prove it right now. I need help to find a place, photocopy, travel, and put a damage deposit down, and rent a u-haul to move. Your support and in-kind donations would be greatly appreciated. If you don't know Canada, its highly discriminatory and racist, and with me being a woman, it's hard felt 10X worse.

I believe I am treated with serious racism, sexism and discrimination.

Right now I do not have time to fight, I have to find a place with zero vacancy on Vancouver Island.

I need your help. Any kind of donation is appreciated. 

A landlord listens to money and good references; I have good references, I just need funds to hold a unit. 

I am competing with hundreds of people and many are working professional people out there.

I am looking at rental units, but I need down payments to offer and hold a unit for I and my son. Plus a u-haul requires a deposit a head of 

time to reserve one weeks ahead. I do not have much time. It's now a crisis and I am reaching out to my sisters!


Thank you for your consideration and time,



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Nini Mappo
Sep 06
Sep 06

Dear Cowichan,
It is such a terrifying thing to not have a roof over one's head, as it makes us feel exposed and vulnerable especially for us women and children for whom a sense of security is so crucial. I am so sorry to hear that you have found yourself and your son at such a place because of discrimination.

I hope that you can raise the funds you need to get yourself and your son to safety swiftly. I send my love and prayers in sisterhood.

Hello, Sharon,

That's a tough situation you're now in. I understand. My family and I move a lot so I know that pressure of coming up with a downpayment on top of the monthly rent. A lot of our sisters are also facing a financial challenge right now. These are truly trying times. I hope there would be people who could help you, dear. Praying for a miracle.

Beth Lacey
Sep 09
Sep 09

I hope you have success

Sep 19
Sep 19

Thank you for sharing.