It's A Girl Thing - FEMpads

sharon multani
Posted January 15, 2016 from United Kingdom

It's A Girl Thing - FEMpads has grown in popularity and now takes all my time as I am sewer, distributor, fundraiser.

My beautiful sisters in Africa have now received 1000's of washable sanitary pads, knickers and even soap in some cases. This means these girls have their dignity back and can attend school when they have their periods, instead of missing so much of their education.

However, my dream is to go some of the countries where I have sent FEMpads to teach young women to make FEMpads for theirselves and enable them to sell some to create their own income.

I have been well supported by friends when I have arranged fundraisers but I have exhausted the good will of these folk and DESPERATELY need help to continue.

Are there other women here who are in a position to assist or sponsor me to expand this wonderful project. PLEASE let me know.

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