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About Me

Writing, for me, was a means of therapy. I found that when I was sad, I wrote better. I've attempted to find inspiration by thinking happy thoughts, but I found that it was not to be. Most of my work is about sadness, abuse, death, lost love, unrequited love or about reassertion. I discovered that when I listen to my favorite jazz music, the inspiration to write about something more pleasant is brought on by a few good memories and my writing style takes on a lighter direction. It may seem very eccentric, but I'm sure many writers find themselves in similar quandaries. I write from my heart...from painful and sometimes happy experiences. What eventually ends up a poem or a short story, is in actual fact the truth in all its bareness.

My Vision

To see children grow up in a world devoid of violence, hate and drug and alcohol abuse, with a chance to better education.


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