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About Me

I am a Dominican-American filmmaker, storyteller, entrepreneur, creative producer, motion designer, traveler, speaker, and mentor to teenage girls.

Last year I founded She is the Universe, a global platform that looks to inspire, empower and support teenage girls from around the globe, to stand in their own stories and to pursue their dreams, through storytelling, mentorship, and community.

As part of She Is The Universe, I am producing a video docu-series with Stories of Girls told by Girls. I have been traveling around the globe interviewing them on video to bring to life 111 stories. I am giving teenage girls aged 13 to 19, of all shapes, sizes, colors, languages, cultural, and socio-economic background, a platform designed to amplify their voices. I am exploring what does it means to be a girl in todays world.

They share their dreams, and struggles and what we can all do to help them get to where they want to be in life.

My Vision

A dream of a world where the voices of girls and women are heard and celebrated. Everywhere.


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I am a filmmaker and storyteller.


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