Graceful Army

Posted August 20, 2016 from Gabon
A strong woman will raise a bataillon of leaders.
United Nations
United Nations: The United Nations is and remain my symbol for unity and joint progress. Togetherness is the key to success for Womankind. (1/2)

Concepts like feminism, womanhood, girl power, mentorship, sisterhood have become much more common in the last decade,what a Graceful army we are becoming.We've seen more women rise to positions of power through sheer hard work all over the world . After achieving their successes, they have often become mentors and Icons for millions of us . They push,encourage and motivate friends and families and fans to follow their dreams too. Through speeches, adverts, seminars, arts and surely social networks, they are constantly giving back the support and love they received when facing challenges. Several women worldwide have shown us that no matter what comes along we have to try hard until we succeed.

Looking back at my life, there is a stream of faces in my empowerment Network, my sisterhood which is source of energy and creativity. Nevertheless, the primary mentor in my life as far as I can remember is my mother. She has never stop working towards a goal and still is. She has always taught my siblings and I to fight for what we want; she often said "anything is achievable,there is Always a way around ". This mentality has been a lifestyle for us over the years, it got us through several obstacles. Sisterhood is sacred relationship,women learn to understand, encourage and develop themselves by learning from the siblings, colleagues , neighbours who raised, nurtured and surrounded them.My mum and the other women who raised me did everything they could to reach their targets. They studied together, worked in harmony, watched each other's children in needed times. They stuck together and formed a strong support system for themselves and each other.

Growing up, it was easy to see the diverse sides of femalekind and also their togetherness. Above all it was fascinating to see how one's weakness was another one strength and the way they taught each other and me . It was almost as if the skills were transferable. They studied together, worked in harmony, watched each other's children in needed times.They naturally formed a strong support system for themselves and loved ones. Clearly, to become successful, we all need guidance and Mentors and leadership. As the year went on, I created the same type of relationship that were beyond friendship. They were often friends, school mates, work colleagues with no blood connection but became more than sisters. These women were and still are the people who picked me up when I doubt myself, show me the side of myself I thought I would never see.

During these same years , I acknowledged and developed my passion for writing which was my guilty pleasure, my stress reliever until some of my most trusted friends read through my work. They encouraged and pushed me to write for an audience and consider a blog.From then on I worked past the limits I thought I had. With more support and following many encouragements ,I found the courage to put some articles together and soon a blog concept. Within a year I had my blog up and Running, aiming at empowering women in their day to day lives but also to encourage next generations to believe beyond limits. The feeling of achievement was the greatest. Having worked so hard towards I am Unshelled, formally known as Unshelled( was the source of my greatest pride. After receiving a fair number of viewings and responses, I allowed myself to have see my abilities the way others see in and it made writing more enjoyable. With the support of my mother, sisters and friends, I discover a new me, a much more ambitious, courageous and bolder me, still working on my dream to become a notorious writer and publisher.

Females have now realised that fighting against each other will get them nowhere. On the contrary, a horde of determined ,smart, courageous Women, fighting together, could get to an Unknown life of successes. When the time comes, it will be a victory for Equal rights at many levels for instance would be a reality, no longer A dream. The era where women stand as strong leaders in our communities, role models for tomorrow's generation at national and international scale and no longer second chairs and housewives in line with society's expectations.The hope for changes start with us, today, we learn and teach each other to rise above the barriers.

My sisterhood has helped me with planning,organising, evolving and of course dreaming bigger but above all to Believe in myself Women are each other's strength but also greatest enemy . Together, we are invincible but . As we have already achieved so much since the years of no voting, no working, and very few rights, it is my fervent expectation that we will continue to combine our skills and learn from each others and educate future generations to fight for their rights. We must put a stepping stone by contributing to changes towards a world where women have a Voice.

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Lisa Anderson
Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016

Dear ShelleyAX-Bee,

Thank you so much for sharing your concept of a "Graceful Army" and sacred sisterhood. Your writing is beautiful! I'm delighted to see you share your writing on UnShelled. Shine on!

Warm regards,


Sep 30, 2016
Sep 30, 2016

Dear Lisa ,

Thank you so much for your support and kind words. I am grateful to be part of a network like World Pulse. Your words mean so much to me and give me hope.

Wishing you the best!


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