#Zeroin3 Campaign

Sherna Alexander Benjamin
Posted September 18, 2016 from Trinidad and Tobago

Join the #Zeroin3 Campaign The purpose of 'The #Zeroin3 Campaign', is to bring national, regional and global awareness and highlight the universal epidemic of violence against women and girls. This campaign will encourage individuals to take action, by sharing the video, going to our website and leaving a compelling message in the form of a Text, Photo, Audio, or Video for the global community,leave a message of solidarity for women and girls around the world, or write an open message to someone in authority urging them to become a force for change to protect women and girls and to use your voice for change. ​​ By joining this campaign, you will be standing against every form of #violence and abuse against #women and #girls and you will be making a national, regional and global call to nations to protect our women and girls for their lives matter. ​#Zeroin3 will lead to sustainable development and usher in a bright future for nations.

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Tamarack Verrall
Sep 18, 2016
Sep 18, 2016

Hello Sherna,

This is a powerful campaign. The message that we are working toward, 0 women in 3 experiencing violence to replace the 1 in 3 currently recognized, is the kind of visionary determination I depend on. Yes, we are coming together toward a world in which no form of violence against women and girls is tolerated or even considered. The coming together and mutual support of our collective efforts makes us stronger. I hope your news will be widely read, and that many will join.

In sisterhood,


Kathy Marecic
Oct 19, 2016
Oct 19, 2016

Dear Sherna,

Thank you for bringing awareness to domestic violence.  Please read below about RUSafe - an app that is helping women and saving lives.  Download RUSafe today and spread the word to others to download RUSafe. Thanks.

RUSafe App Facts – Who, What, When, Where, Why & How

RUSafe Facts:

Currently, the RUSafe App has been used in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

There are over 1,560 Women’s Shelters with 24-Hour Hotlines across the U.S. available to victims of intimate partner violence through the RUSafe App.

The RUSafe App has been opened 3,189 times since the National Launch in 2014.

955 contacts have been made through the RUSafe App (calls, website visits & inspirational videos).

12 women have called 911 through the RUSafe App.

Who can download the RUSafe App?

Anyone can download the RUSafe App (free) at the Apple Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android phones.

What is the RUSafe App?

The RUSafe App is a potential life-saving tool to help victims escape dangerous domestic violence situations by directing them to the closest qualified crisis center that provides services and legal advocacy to protect victims and their children while assisting in their transition to a safe and healthy environment.

When can I download the RUSafe App?

Download the RUSafe App today – and help bring awareness to Domestic Violence.  Use the app for yourself or help a friend in need.  

Where can you learn more about the RUSafe App?


Why is the RUSafe App needed?

Each day, three or more women are murdered by their boyfriends or husbands on average.

On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States.

1 in 3 women have or will experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

How can you help?

Download the RUSafe App today

Follow the RUSafe App on social media through the following links:

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RUSafeApp

Twitter at https://twitter.com/RUSafeApp

Instagram at https://instagram.com/rusafe_app/