I would like to nominate Tamarack Verrall

Sherna Alexander Benjamin
Posted December 31, 2020 from Trinidad and Tobago

Sister Tam embodies the World Pulse Spirit in more ways than one. She is a calm storm as she quietly uses her time, experience, and resources to hold space for women she has never met. She encourages women to continue their life pursuits despite their challenges and holds their hand (virtually) when she realizes you are giving up. Her gentle boldness makes you smile as she is steadfast in relating to women's advancement. Sister Tam showed up for me on many occasions when I started holding space for women to speak, share, and heal during listening circles and leadership she never hesitated to offer her zoom account to be used to support our sessions. She held space for me when I felt down and loved me enough to say you can do it. She is a mother to many, a friend, confidant, encourager, and supporter but most of all she stands tall as a World Pulse Amazon Woman. Online and offline and she agitates for social change. 

This story was submitted in response to World Pulse Spirit Awards.

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Jill Langhus
Jan 02
Jan 02

Hello Sherna,

How are you? Thanks so much for your lovely nomination for our Dear Mama Tam:-)

Happy New Year! xx

Tamarack Verrall
Jan 02
Jan 02

Sherna my dear Sister,
I have felt so grateful to World Pulse fro bringing us together, from those days some years back when we were co-leading the Group n GBV and we got to collaborate, and Skype for the first time. And then to meet by chance in Nova Scotia! And on. You continue to amaze and inspire me.
Thank you for this beautiful piece.
Love in Deep Sisterhood,

What a lovely description of Mama Tam. Thank you for nominating her!