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Open Conversations for Change

Sherna Alexander Benjamin
Posted August 26, 2015 from Trinidad and Tobago
Expired on September 11, 2015

Begining September 14th our organization will be launching "Open Conversations for Change" on Google Hangouts. It is our aim to network with professionals, activist, lobbyist, policy makers and change makers across the global, to have informed, engaging, and thought provoking conversations which will encourage and push for change.

As we are in the process of setting up the sessions. if you are interested in joing the conversations for change with us on our hangout sessions do post here. So that I can get the relevant information to post on the hangout event pages when we are creating the events.

Some of the topics include but not limited to the undermentioned:

The Role of Technology in combatting and tackling gender-based violence.

Gender equality and the proliferation of gender-based violence in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The media's role in promoting aggression in men, violence and the sexual objectification of women and girls.

Exploring the Causes and Effects of Gender-Based Violence.

The Role of Law Enforcement, the Medical fraternity and the Judiciary in Tackling and Preventing Gender-Based Violence.

When siblings abuse.

Victim Advocates and the Multidisciplinary team.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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