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About Me

Sherifatu is my name. I am from Ghana in the Northern region. My passion is working to bring positive change in communities where action is needed. While doing this, i hope to impart and at the same time receive knowledge from the people i come into contact with. Themes i like working on are usually on women's issues and challenges, concerns of women-combating violence across sectors and ages and dealing with justice for women. Currently, corruption takes the center stage of all activities which have negative impact on society. Women bear the brunt of it who don't have enough resources or knowledge to fight it. I would like to see a future free of corruption, violence and injustice particularly that of the world of women. While institutions are established to tackle all forms of discrimination and injustice, little is seen from their actions in tackling these issues. I would like to see women question the status quo and be bold enough to ask questions on platforms for the rights answers and demand action on issues at the same time. To be involved in actions that bring about positive change Making those involved to see the challenge we have at hand. Many have been in unpleasant situations for so long that they no longer see it as a challenge. Getting a chunk of them to realise that a change is neccesary without inciting a debate is an issue. Women in leadership, Women's rights, anti corruption/social auditing

My Vision

I see a world of women resourced enough to challenge issues of concern to them and taking up positions of leadership