Sheryl Erickson

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About Me

I am a Nature person and a maker of tangible things.
Intuitive and spatial in the ways I think and learn. Unwavering when my calling is clear.
I often hear with "a third ear" feeling communion with others
and connections beyond words and content.

On the factual side, I live near Boston, grew up in rural Oregon in a sawmill town. My roots are Scandinavian, Swedish. At older ages (44 and 48) I gave birth to two daughters. The oldest (24 years old) works in sustainable development (organic farmer focus) in Panama; the youngest (20 years old) will start her third year in Public Health at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. My husband is an electrical engineer developing diagnostic instruments for hospitals. Our beloved orange Tabby cat just died. He had a Buddha presence. finding, creating and supporting seed ideas containing my enthusiasm and creative energy that comes to me collective wisdom and creative process in groups

My Vision

create beauty and bring people and places more alive