Towards Young Girls' Empowerment

Posted September 12, 2018 from India
Young Girls' Empowerment
Young Girls' Empowerment (1/1)

During 2 days workshop for village girls empowerment...girls have shared their dreams and also made plan how to work for same.

They talked about education, freedom, security, violence and discrimination free world, opportunities, sports and so on.

We together have created action plan,  how to achieve secure and happy world for young girls.

I know girls are struggling a, my team and our organization all are with them.

I am commitment to young girls' rights of education, security, dignity and happiness.  




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Jill Langhus
Sep 13, 2018
Sep 13, 2018

Hi Shilpa,

Thanks for sharing your lovely photo and update. I'm glad to hear about your work and commitment.

You may want to share your personal story, and fill out the corresponding survey, about what security means for you and all the girls you train for the current story awards for "The Future of Security Is Women:"

Hope you are having a good day:-)

Dawn Arteaga
Sep 17, 2018
Sep 17, 2018

Hi Shilpa, This is so great- and I love the photo! I am so curious to hear more about your work and the kinds of struggles the girls you are working with are facing. I agree with Jill that your voice and examples would be so useful in World Pulse's new wave focused on security and safety. I can't wait to hear more from you. Best, Dawn

Dec 15, 2018
Dec 15, 2018

How lovely it must be for you to hear a lots of experience s from all these girls?
Looking forward to hear more.

Bettina Amendi
Jan 11
Jan 11

Great to read from You Shipa,
Kindly check on the link below:
see if you can get helpful information.Keep up the good work.

Juliet Acom
Jan 13
Jan 13

Hello Shilpa,
Congratulations on a job well done. I applaud the work that you are doing empowering and mentoring young girls. Keep it up, I am so inspired!
The sky is the limit!!!

Jan 14
Jan 14

Thank you for sharing. That is a beautiful photo and your commitment shines through.
Wish you the best.