Self Help Group - Tool for Women Empowerment

Posted September 22, 2018 from India
Women Economic Empowerment through Credit Society
Towards Social & Economic Empowerment
Our Team of DISHA Credit Society and Trust
Our Team of DISHA Credit Society and Trust: Working for Women Empowerment (1/1)

We as DISHA is working for social and economic empowerment of women. Through DISHA Credit Society we have mentored 160 Self Help Groups and we are working in more than 30 villages of Maval Taluka, Pune District of Maharashtra State, India.

Presently 4000 women are part of our credit society and through our loans they are developing their own business. As we are providing loans at low interest rate and accessible at door step. We would like to expand our work in other parts of district and state for women empowerment. 


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Jill Langhus
Sep 22, 2018
Sep 22, 2018

Hi Shilpa,

Thanks for sharing your post and organization's work. It's sounds absolutely amazing. Do share your organization's website and/or social media pages so we can follow/like it.

Looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing more about what your organizations does, and even some success stories:-)

Have a great day!

Dawn Arteaga
Oct 03, 2018
Oct 03, 2018

I love the photo of all the women sitting together. What a powerful moment that must have been for everyone!

Jensine Larsen
Nov 30, 2018
Nov 30, 2018

Incredible work, Shilpa, you are an inspiration!

Bettina Amendi
Jan 13, 2019
Jan 13, 2019

Good Job.

May 19, 2019
May 19, 2019

Wow this is amazing. Are you all over or only in India? Its a great empowerment project with the evolving loan services.
Thanks for sharing.