Social and Economic Empowerment through Rotary RCPN & DISHA Cow Project for Women

Posted February 1, 2019 from India
Towards Empowerment
Beneficiary Woman & her Family
Beneficiary Woman & her Family (1/2)

Accepting Challenge 

By the end of February, 2019 we have purchased total 241 cows out of 300 cows with support of Rotary and have given to the 241 women beneficiaries from Maval Taluka and Mulshi Taluka of Pune District.

During  project period, we have conducted 40 market visits in 6 cow markets within Maharashtra State, with overnight journey from 5 to 15 hours and stay before and after of cow purchase, in the market cities. I traveled by  number of vehicles arranged by beneficiary families such as tempo, pick up, tempo travelers etc., with minimum 5 to maximum 20 male members from beneficiary families and with my team members.

Still we have long way to go and have plan to reach more and more women for social and economic empowerment. This project is not only about giving cow but reaching to marginalized and vulnerable families and groups and supporting them for sustainable development and respective life. 

I am really thankful to Rotary, RCPN, my organization DISHA and team and for keeping trust on me and helping me to explore my leadership for human cause and women empowerment.

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Jill Langhus
Feb 01
Feb 01

Hi Shilpa,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your promising update. I hope that these women really benefit from the purchases of your cows. How has it impacted these women in the project period?

Hope you're having a good day.

May 20
May 20

Haha, you are a very interesting person. You kept me laughing after viewing your opening image. Cow project and hence we must see the cow. Thanks for sharing.

Urmila Chanam
Jul 27
Jul 27

Dear Shilpa,
Thank you so much for the commendable work you, Disha and your partners are doing jointly for ensuring economic sustainabiity of families in Maharashtra. Do you also have a plan to train these beneficiaries on animal husbandry, milk production and marketing? I have enjoyed your post and picture a lot and can make out the personal sacrifices you have made to do this work. Hats off to you. Keep writing, keep marching ahead.

Love and prayers,
Urmila Chanam