Pros and cons of covid

Shiza Habib
Posted June 24, 2020 from Pakistan

Covid has both beneficial and dangerous effects.

Firstly,I would discuss its significant inpact on surrounding as it has increased telemedicine culture so that patient can call doctor and get their prescription without leaving home.

Secondly,atmosphere was full of nitrogen dioxide .By staying home and using less vehicles we slashed the amount of nitrogendioxide in the surrounding and it's good for health.

Thirdly,work from home culture began so that a person is free from office timing and desktop .

Fourthly,folks are learning digital skills to meet the demand of global era.

Fifth,stock of Amazon and Netflix has been raised in few months so that folks can binge watch their interest and do Netflix and chill.

Now I would talk about its harmful aspects

First of all,it has crashed the economies..daily wagers turned to the starvation due to massive lockdown all over.

Secondly ,price of everything rised. 

Thirdly,oil price crashed after many years of Arab oil embargo due to which there is a fear of war .

Fourth,there was 1.8 lac operational flights before covid now slashed to 50thousand..

I hope the covid will eradicate soon .

Stay blessed

Stay safe

Stay home

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Jun 24
Jun 24

Hello Shiza Dear,
Welcome to worldpluse,
Thank you for sharing your
First story with us . Please stay safe . Love always Chi.

Hello, Shiza,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy to know a new voice from Pakistan is rising up!

How are you coping, dear? You're observant to come up with a summary of the pros and cons of COVID-19. We love the pros for sure, but the cons are stressful. Please write more, dear.
I look forward to reading your future posts.

Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

Ellie E.
Jun 25
Jun 25

Thank you for sharing both the positives and the negatives of this pandemic!

Catherine De Freitas

Hello sis, welcome to the sisterhood. I also hope that this pandemic and its associated negatives
would be permanently eradicated from our lives. The positives are certainly welcomed.
How are you and your family? How is Pakistan now? Continue sharing with us. Stay safe and blessings.

Shiza Habib
Jun 26
Jun 26

Thankyou all for welcoming

Jun 27
Jun 27

Shiza Hi :) Welcome to World Pulse.

Let me acknowledge the harmful effects of this covid19 around the globe. A global crisis is arising. We need to be prepared. Thank you for sharing.

Your story is your power. Become a woman of Passion. Be an encourager to be encouraged.

Shameela Yoosuf Ali
Jul 07
Jul 07

Welcome to World Pulse Shiza

Asaad Ali
Jul 12
Jul 12

Hello sister
Thank you for sharing

Anita Shrestha
Jul 13
Jul 13

Thank you for sharing

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