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About Me

I work to invest in African youth, especially women, by providing them with access to university education in their home countries. I'm working to create a student loan fund that would be financed by impact investors and foundations, so the brightest minds in Africa could have access to the best university education via an education loan. My focus is to create new financing models to invest in human capital. I would like this to then be adapted to technical, vocational, and professional training as well.

I believe that tools developed around micro-lending can be adapted for investments in human capital, not just physical capital.

Until we learn to invest in human beings, and invest in the immense human capital of Africa, most of the 'development' goals we aspire to will go unrealized.

We currently work in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa; and we would like to expand to DRC and South Sudan

My Vision

That every young person in Africa would have the means to reach their full potential through post-secondary education. That we would focus on human beings as the primary solution to materiel scarcity, rather than believeing that materiel things can fix the poverty of the human condition.That collectively we would see the wisdom of investing in human beings.


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