An Ode to a Beautiful Sunday Morning

Shruti Sharada (She/Her)
Posted September 19, 2020 from India
Our view from the balcony.

I woke up today to a sublimely beautiful morning. 

A cool breeze is wafting in from the outside. The trees have been growing fast, determinedly covering our view of the buildings beyond with a green curtain. A light drizzle keeps up a pit-pat beat as the drops touch the leaves. Most people around seem to be still asleep. It is quiet, the time before voices wake up and start filling the air with tensions. It is the kind of light, stress-free morning that I cherish deeply.  

My mother is in the kitchen as I walk out of the room. Having started early, she is done with the cooking, and is now cleaning up. She greets me with a thumbs up and an update on how much water she has drunk already. I tell her that I'm impressed! 

We make our way to the living room and continue our free-flowing chatter on life, food, and all the random things that keep popping up in our minds. She tells me that she is planning to draw today. I tell her that I plan to sleep a bit more today. 

I pick up my phone to catch up on the news of the day. And I notice that the 'Memories' section of my Facebook page is reminding me of a short poem I had posted in 2011. 

Even then, all I was hoping for was peace. I envisioned a simple, calming home atmosphere. That's what I have always wanted and am grateful to my mother and foremothers, that today, I have just that.

I am sharing that old poem with you all. Good morning! :)


I'm thinking

a good small house

or maybe a room with the basics

my own

and a kitchen

a lil garden with overflowing greenery


wicker baskets



wooden floors

good music

billowing curtains

some paints


cozy bed

not too high from the floor

thick, deep quilt

floral prints all around

colourful cushions

colourful walls 

a swing on the porch

somewhere to curl up, breathe easy, and smell the coffee! ☕

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Such power and peace in what you have created for yourself. Hugs to your mom ! Always look forward to your writing।

Much love!

Wow, I love your poetry, Shruti. I want to visit that small house and have coffee with you! Thanks for sharing this with us. I like the photo, too. Are those mango leaves?

Hehe, thank you, it is a simple expression of a simple dream :)
Would love to have you over; I will brew some lovely coffee for us both!

That's the tree right outside our balcony. We call it Ashoka Tree in India.

Sinyuy Geraldine
Sep 23
Sep 23

Hello Shruti
Want a wonderful write up. So beautiful. Yes, India has a beautiful vegetation. I experienced this in Bangalore in 2019. Thank you so much for taking me on tour through your beautiful home and the conversation with your mum. Water is very important for our bodies and we'll being. Your poem is beautiful. I also love the kind of home you visualise in your poem. Thanks so much. Keep writing.