Male Involvement Strategy

Posted March 20, 2020 from Sierra Leone
Development and Launch of the Male Involvement Strategy in Sierra Leone
The strategic goal is to provide a comprehensive and coordinated guiding framework to all stakeholders on the implementation, and accountability for results of male involvement in the prevention of Gender-Based Violence and teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone.

Every Year on International Women's Day, the Women of Sierra Leone normally presents Position Paper to the Government of Sierra Leone on issues they are facing for Government's Intervention, However, IWD 2020 was different. With the Women of Sierra Leone, the Ministry of Gender & Children's Affairs developed and presented a Male Involvement Strategy for the Prevention & Response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence & Teenage Pregnancy. Male Stakeholders which includes HE the President, Minister of Education, Minister of Youth, Inter-Religious Council, Traditional Leaders etc all committed themselves to Protect the Rights for Women and Girls.

Men control resources at different levels – household, community and national level. Strategic partnership between women and men will ensure that men become positive facilitators to development because they will begin to provide access to valuable resources; and become inclusive by allowing women to participate in joint decision making and as custodians of cultural norms and values .

When men in positions of leadership speak on issues of gender, they are listened to because of the influence they wield in the various constituencies they lead and the global as well as national HeForShe initiative builds on this reality.


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Jill Langhus
Mar 20
Mar 20

Hello Simche,

How are you doing, dear? Welcome back! It's lovely to see you back and hear about your IWD. What is the "Women of Sierra Leone?" This sounds promising. Tell us more. I totally agree there needs to be more women in leadership all the way! Let's see it happen. Please keep us posted....

Hope you and your family are safe and well:-)

Hello, Simche,

Welcome back to World Pulse! How have you been? Yes, we need men to rally with us to protect women's rights and promote gender equality.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Please continue to share your stories with us. I am curious how your life journey has been during the years you were away from World Pulse. We look forward to reading your stories!

Mar 23
Mar 23

Hello Simche.
Thanks for sharing all you do
I agree with you percent that without male involvement in the fight against GBV is useless becos they control the high places in government and leadership role.
Much love from me.

Apr 04
Apr 04

I agree with you, Simche. Men have to be involved if we need positive outcome. Keep doing great