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About Me

I am a native Portlander, and I attend Portland State University. I am a brand new feminist, more or less, a clumsy radical feminist. I was so moved by the women's movement I was compelled to double major in Philosophy and Women's studies. I want to absorb as much as possible so I can not only help myself navigate through this world; but also help other women globally. I am interested in all kinds of feminism so I am totally open to new points of view and perspective! I am planning on becoming a midwife to advocate for women's autonomy in pregnancy and labor when women are in their one of their most vulnerable stages. Yoga, nutrition, radical feminism, cooking, famers markets, smowboarding and longboarding. Running, earning my college degree Philosophy (and feminism when I double major), Cooking,

My Vision

Becoming a midwife to advocate in home births