Posted April 9, 2018 from Kenya

I am a KENYAN who is trying to help both young men and mothers who are been addicted in illicit drinking.

Their live has become ruined and there is no hope for a living life.

Down the valley and far away beyond the mountains yonder and far into the horizon

both mothers ,fathers,sisters and brothers are crying--One more coffin and the next generation is  wipe out.

Where is the next seed going to come from?

THE cause the illicit drinking also known here as pombe is killing.

NEWS in the local media is scaring

look at thi--five young men died yesterday

more than 10 taken to the hospital.

With seven .three men and 4 women become bli

And al lthis leaving behind windowed men and women with children with-out parents.

The goverment is trying to tame this animal with a weak church trying to do what it can

The CHRIST HOUSE OF WORSHIP IS COMING UP with hope creation by trainin chaplains who would in return

are to educate men and all on how to educate and create awareness on saving live to contain this pombe and save the next generation

WE are there- fore calling the people of good will to come and help.This would help children to live with their fathers  MOTHERS THEIR HUSBANDSAVE THE FAMILY AND SPARE IT FROM VARIOUS INSECURTIES THAT COMES WITH DRINKING


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Apr 09, 2018
Apr 09, 2018

I have lost my father when he in prime age and two of my young brothers.This hae affected our mind, economy among other things I am a victim of illicit dring

Jill Langhus
Apr 09, 2018
Apr 09, 2018

Hi Simon. Thanks for sharing your noble story and mission to help those who are addicted to alcohol. How are you spreading awareness currently?

Tamarack Verrall
Apr 09, 2018
Apr 09, 2018

Hello Simon,
Working to end addiction is essential work, life saving work, and people who have suffered loss because of it are important leaders. I am so sorry that you have lost your father and two brothers. Do you have programs for people to come together in discussion about what depressing or emergency situations have led to their addictions? Stories of success dropping addictions and stories of current struggles can make a powerful, empowering ongoing experience. Resolving the underneath problems, often related to poverty is key.

Good luck with all you are doing,

Beth Lacey
Jan 24, 2019
Jan 24, 2019

I wish you luck with your important mission