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 Writing Argumentatively is always said to be dangerous. It has caused major problems to those who had tried to venture into it yet it remains the most interesting area in writing world.


The risks which may be borne out of this area might be death, imprisonment as well harassment from dictorial Authorities its mostly viewed as Dictum.



During the cold war Era, every writing that didn’t fit the taste of either the capitalisms or communism could be held as the most dangerous form of literature depending the ideology approach of the given taste of a country.


In the long path Argumentative writing has created many Martyrs as well as heroes.



The works of a Kenyan novelist Ngugi wa Thiongo, old and new has all along been Argumentatively written. Work done for a cause. After his play “I will marry when I want” and the book petals of “Blood” were published Wa Thiongo had to be detained


Another writer who found himself in the hot soup was Peter Abrahams from South Africa. The author of the famed book ….. “mine boy” among other books could write argumentatively. He wrote with a purpose.


The work of those two writers didn’t go down well with the leaders in Kenya and South Africa. In Kenya Wa Thiongo’s writing argued his readers to fight and free themselves from neo – colonialism while Abraham’s called his country’s natives to fight on and bring down the curtain of colour Bar.


The two were termed as communists and dangerous men. By the time they fled into self – exile they had become heroes among their people.



As the fall of communisms dawned, the Christian church took over the fighting on evils being committed against the people by those who were in Authority. The talk become…. “We need democracy!


New publications came into being. Newsletters were born but only lasted for a short time before being prescribed. Bishops and pastors started printing out their summons and giving them to their faithful’ before the start of the service. EPISCOPAL letters started being issued. Every writing that came out the church by then were argumentatively written. The errant Bishops had to be dealt with. They were called to get out of the Pulpit, join the political arena or shut up.

In 1988 here in Kenya a Christian leadership magazine issued a special edition that argued the Christians to reject the results of a flawed Queuing Election. Beyond magazine was proscribed, its editors were jailed. They become Martyrs in the modern ti

The book of Exodus is the most interesting work of Moses/. God prepares Moses to go, lead out the Israelites from Egypt. Moses underrates himself and aroused an Argument ......chapter 3:1 – 15. The argument between Moses and God is clearly driven, tailored for a cause …….I AM WHO I AM, GO, BRING MY PEOPLE OUT OF EGYPT AND  I WILL BE WITH YOU. With a critical eye, Moses wrote argumentatively.



If Jesus, a man who held a hard- spot stand towards letter writers could have authored His gospel by himself, one could read a very good piece, one with Authority. In the Gospel according to Mathew 15:24 – 26 may end up being a good argumentative reading.

 Imagine Jesus writing a volume larger than the whole world: John 21:25 which could be full of argumentative as he ushered his flock into his kingdom.


In most part of the world Christian writers tend to shy off writing argumentatively. They fear of being hated, arrested or even detained. They assume this mode of writing as Death on the plate, yet they found themselves in it either way.


From time to time I have been doing articles of this kind. The world is still being oppressed. The chains of Bondage and encroachment of enslavement meted upon the  people by the world Authorities ought be discontinued Christian writers should always be there, ready for action. Here is how to go into Argumentative writing


Meditative ness: one must have designed mind, understanding your mental ability, plan on how deal in fears.

Purpose: a good argumentative writing must Sprain the mind of the reader sporadically.


THE BIG PICTURE: To educate, provoke and arouse the mind of readers mind into action towards the claims you have presented. An imminent disagreement ought to occur.


INTRODUCTION: Like, in any story you may have read or written, attention to grabber your readers is a must.


CONTENTS: Most of argumentative writing are done in claims. Presentation of claims’ alternative act. One need not to be a politician. They are many issues as its in features.


OPPOSING: If you tend to differ your views must be both fair and complete…… bringing out all weakening points to some strength.


The last sentence should always leave a strong impression and calls for action on related issues. A claim must be supported by good reasons.






Of late, things have been changing and very fast. People are embracing changes every day in their living style. Unlike the old days of Wa Thiongo’s and Abrahams, argumentative writing has all along been changing.


Its currently being used in Radio, T.V Computers, print media for promotional needs.

Human Rights activists are now using it more than ever before instead of issuing “I have a dream” speeches. No wonder the members in Business Community continue to enlist the public Relations service.


From all corners in the larger world argumentative writing continue taking shape. Can a Christian writer afford to be sitting on the fence in fears of being victimized and for how long?


It’s a high time to venture in argumentatively written work. The crux of the matter is The World hated Jesus Christ due to his claims and arguments.


The days of cold war are gone and buried. Christian writers must stand and be counted. “NO PEACE ON EARTH”, they have been reasoning “YES”, one may agree. And who will fight for peace on Earth. If not them? The time of getting down from over = fence is now. To write argumentativel




I am a certified chaplain in Disasters

And the year 2015 NANOWRIMO novel writingwinner

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Jun 21, 2018
Jun 21, 2018

I hope you will enjoy this story and think of Moses and God in work at the present days

Jun 22, 2018
Jun 22, 2018

Hi Simon. Thanks for sharing your post. I support argumentative writing, if I'm understanding you correctly because I think everyone should always see all sides to a story and question everything.

Beth Lacey
Jan 25
Jan 25

Thanks for sharing. Something to think about.