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In the wilderness of ----------

Every body looked amazed. There was no Murmuring or movement. The church was  in total silence. I continued with my story.



If I would be an editor my story would be given the title: THE MIRACLE OF INTERNET, with a sub-headline: A JOURNEY THROUGH THE WILDERNESS OF AFRICA, ROAD TO  BECOMING AN ADVENTIST

It is the internet that preached to me, there after I joined the SDA denomination

I was born and brought up with-in a non Christian family. Both my parent and my grandparents had nothing to do with Christianity . Kenya as a nation of has just gained its freedom and everything were taking a different format may it be social, region, education or polit

By then education has been based to the sponsoring churches. There were Anglican ,catholic and others  were protestant based schools. In these schools one has to follow the very same fundamentals bliefs of sponsoring domination

This was a journey to nowhere mostly because one was under force. You are young and taken to a belief because of education rather than your faithfulness. In the later years because of wrongly planted seeds, Kenya has to experience a big exodus in the  CHURCH

I joined a church  missionaries school which was being under the sponsorship of church of Scotland which an outright protestant. I had no interest in this. For one our parents had our minds poisoned into understanding that any white person was an enemy of a black man. A  colonizer ,and all of white mans things were bad.



My eldest sister was in a catholic school and I would at time follow her to the church for the Sunday services. Here we were taught  about the ten commandments and would chat them in a chorus manne

It was during this time my uncle a Kenya renewed book evangelist Njaga wa Karanja hit the road and started preaching inside the BUSES and at the market places. Many people liked and enjoyed listening at him.

I liked his ways and manners of teaching the bible. Those roll pictures of the dragons and Daniel in the den of lions  were very wonderful to me.

The manner he taught the ten commandment created a protestant in to my soul. EVEN THEN NO ONE WHISH TO JOIN HIM, a man who attended the church on Saturday looked abnormal or a lunatic of a kind.


But soon than later, I REFUSED   joining my sister to her catholic church. I was young and even to date, I doesn’t  understand where the powers to engage her come from I told her I need not go to the church to pray their idols from that day I parted with her.

BEFORE 1970’s

By now a new Christian   movement come hot in the Kenyan’s central area. THE   GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH. Many elder people joined it. My grandfather who was a member by new tried to push me in to it but I refused.



I remained for many years without being a member of any church. I continued reading my bible pleasantly. Both the books of Daniel and revelations meant a lot   to me. How I hated the Babylon the great!  In my soul, I held the uttermost respect to my uncle and his SDA church mostly of the manner he could interpreted the bible. I believed the scripture were the true word of GOD

I joined the Anglican church and become an elder, serving as a secretary for three good years. In the fourth year I resigned from this post. I fear I was getting dried up in spirit and always thinking in leadership.



It was at this time, I broke in to writing and with in a very short time, I become a friend of many writers and editors. Many could not understand how a standard seven leaver would manage contributing such good articles. I enjoyed serving God and my community in this a

By then I was working as a domestic servant to a white man’s family. They had many, many different kind of books and I was allowed to read any book so long I would keep it clean .I also could buy books for myself.

I remained an Anglican for many years and I held no dire to move out of it. There was no cause to this. But a time came to me BY IT-SELF.


It was one morning in august     2012 while I was undertaking a research in the internet when I came to an advertisement. It read: WANT to take bible studies. IT IS  WRITTEN  MINISTRY IS HERE TO HELP Y

I decided to visit this ministry website and sighed up for the bible lessons. I enrolled and did lesson one in bible guide studies.


After two days the results were sent to me I had per formed well. I decided to continue with lesson  two . I thought it would be better to increase my biblical understanding. Hardly did I know this lesson one would be my turning point from protestant to Adventist.



In next days I did my lesson slowly and sure by the means of E-mail. The lesson turned to be interesting. I would get in touch with my bible teacher if need be. This great man of God who had been Africa in 1950’s would answer all my questions pleasantly.

In time, I completed all the twenty six  lessons . By now a have understood the bible program It was from the  seventh day Adventist. When I Completed my course my  teacher stated that a certificate would be sent to from the voice of prophecy. He sent my diploma through e-mail.



I was very happy and decided to under-take different bible guide from the voice of the prophecy. I visited their website and found what they offers.

“FOCUS on prophecy” became very interesting. I did not have money and I had to sell my shares so as to make I undertook the 26-lessons in guides, the focus in prophecy and the light of the world, a gospel program. Although these programs are offered free of charge, one may imagine, how much I spent with on line studies.

By the time I had   completed  my studies from the voice of prophecy related schools, I started wondering whether to start my own preaching ministry…… by now I had stopped writing for sometime.

Discipleship and ministry:

I had started doing Bible guides in the month of August in the year 2011 and completed them on 24 December in the same year. The books of Daniel and Revelation became my best. Our family became bereaved and my uncle visited us. He would preach on dragon and new earth during the evening but I did not disclose to him about my Biblical Studies

After the New Year 2012, I came to  another   different ministry which offers discipleship and ministry towards ordination. I enrolled with it …..and  undertook  their studies during the next six months or so.

After receiving my credentials for ministerial duties, I thought I needed more Biblical learning. I enrolled with the amazing fact for their Bible study guides. By now I had started feeling unsettled in the church I was a member.

Later on I enrolled for a biblical Bible Study program…. A long   series which is offered on -line by international Bible Training Ministries. I managed to complete the program up to advanced level 3.


I wish to make it clear that after the month of May 2013, I started to honor the Sabbath day as in Exodus 20:8-11. I continued with my thought of coming up with a preaching ministry.

In the month of September 2012 while I was in prayers, a vision appeared to me. I found myself in a class teaching Bible to a group of both men and women. Then I heard a voice telling me: “you will serve me in a more   wider   ministry”

I then stood up, unbolted the door and in great fear, I moved outside. After thinking for a while, it came to me that it was God who had spoken to me. One week later while still in prayers, the every same voice came about.

I was getting more restless in the protestant church. I continued with my Sabbath day secretly. I have surrender to God to do His will and direct me.

Before the end of November, the spirit of God prevailed itself up on me. It directed me to a Seventh - day Adventist church which is much far from home.

To this I prayed for three days. On the forth day which was Saturday, early in the morning, I took my bible and traveled to the SDA church as God had directed me.

After the Sabbath school, I introduced myself to a church elder who in turn introduced me to the pastor in charge.

In the middle of the service, the pastor introduced me to the faithful as God-sent guest. In amazement, they all stood up and welcomed me to be one of them.

The pastor asked me to narrate my  story. I  did it and thereafter,  everybody believed God is preparing  me for a big ministry. So is my uncle’s understanding since I have met with him.

Many of my friends in my former church have since deserted me. Even the then pastor refused to answer my greetings. I think they are taking me as another among many lunatics, but the bible tells us that you shall learn the truth and the truth shall set you free. I am thankful to Jesus for the gift I cherish, the gift of salvation.

Since the church has allowed me to train in the chaplaincy, I am endorsed and happily visiting prisons, hospitals and children’s homes. This is a very wonderful ministry to serve in.

This story brings the scripture alight when the great teacher taught in the book of Ecclesiastes 9:10…… “Whatever you do, do it with your might for in the grave where you are going, there is neither work nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom” NIV.

 I am surrendered to the will of God and through the guidance of the Holy embark in the way he would wish me to follow. Whether  through  the ministry of internet or otherwise.

Many young members of my church, though still very amazed have agreed to embrace the changes in the modern technology. The journey in the wilderness which my uncle started by becoming the first student in Discover Bible course is very much healthy.1954 is not just the other day.

In his   own words, I’m at home. I belong here and at 93 years old, he dreams for a day when discover Bible Guides would produce scholars here in   Africa.

And as thing are, the journey in the wilderness of Africa ought to be long although internet is doing wonders. Very soon we will be known because of our services to the lord and not only because of our wild animals. I and other faithful are standing on a strong rock. The long journey continues.   

I would like to state in her  that through my usage in internet,I have managed   train in may areas to say the least----

Disaster management--various programmes





And many other programs with U.N Poti , U.N environment,

USaid ,Plan International academy, FEMA and others.I also has managed to write up my book--WEDDING AT THE

BEDSIDE WHICH you can read at

INTERNET is a great tool for those who wish to learn.

Simon Mureu,

Certified chaplain

This story was submitted in response to Girls in ICT Day.

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Apr 20
Apr 20

the story continue in this website --title Chaplains for christ also a good reading

Tamarack Verrall
Apr 20
Apr 20

Hello Simon,
This is a long and thoughtful spiritual journey you have been on, and you show here just how different interpretations and practices can be even within one religion. I agree that school and learning should be available without the expectation that everyone follow the religion of those teaching. I am interested in knowing what the interpretations are in these branches of the Christian Church regarding women. Is it being taught that women are equal, that women have the right to choose our own lives, that men have no right to dominate women? People depend on faith as a bedrock to moral living. Church leaders have the position to encourage the end to discrimination and violence toward women. I hope that you find my questions though provoking. There is much you can do in your community as a man who values freedom and respect for women.

Jill Langhus
Apr 20
Apr 20

Hi Simon,

Thanks for sharing your informative, personal journey. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Apr 21
Apr 21

Thanks a lot J and the Easter has been good Happy day

Jill Langhus
Apr 22
Apr 22

You're welcome. Good to hear:-)

Apr 21
Apr 21

Thank you Ma---I think you are double right as many women here in Africa are always under rated although many ,say a lot has been done to up lift them.The culture and tradition,customs do not at times give them a chance.I have been to a many marriage ceremony where I have been insulted for siding with mamas. For those men supporting women case are seen as sell-out and who cares--I have updated this article

May 12
May 12

Thanks for sharing