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In his own book, many accounts about animals inside the Africa’s bush are highly narrated and reflect the nature as a part of creation.

The book Bwana Game a fast moving autography of the former “Born Free” major movie to ever come out of Africa, George Adamson narrates of a woman who had been left a lone in a hut overnight.


During the midst of the night, the love of creation brought to the woman the labour pains. Outside the wild animals were crying bring down the hut. Already the mama was giving birth.


Outside, the animals fought on, destroying the walls of the hut when in a dramatic burn of the matter, a huge, large and mostly feared elephant arrived about, started fighting every animals out and off the scene. It took the control of everything until sunrise the following morning. The woman was found safe and with a new born baby.


The presentation of live could count even to wild animals who knew not a race or color. Racial, still is a man created thing, a word many people would never define a racial.


According to the concise Oxford Dictionary of current English-1994- 1964, racial is defined as a tendency, antagonism feeling between different races of men.

Felling is a state of consciousness, sensation, desire or emotion. It’s the element of pressure or pain in any mental state, intuitive belief. The people understand the general emotional effects produced in the world of racial segregation and Seri- culture belief.



If we put all the facts in a sieve and roughly separate wheat from chaff, there are so many inconsistencies and absurdities left that research needs sparring on the make large scale new efforts to solve at least some enormous number of problems. For our age research shown no longer remain satisfied when confronted with so “impossibilities”.


In the month of May, 2020 the World a woke to a horror killing of a black man by the members of police force in America. This brutal killings sparked largest demonstration to exhibit the feeling of their being. The democracy had been flowed by those who should be safe guarding it.


More demos were held Worldwide with Banners screaming out. “Black lives matters”. And truthfully, it matters since United States of America, as a state witnessed such large scale demos since the times of Martin Luther King Jr, and others who fought for the freedom rights of a Blackman. Every man in the United States had a reason of being scared of.


The mushroomed fears, many people had a feeling violence would come into their country, a land the late Nobel Peace prize winner, the advocated an non violence once said of three months before he was shot dead: “Before some us were born, some us could walk………………….”


This demos were just reaction and therefore carried no outlook signs of revolution. The very oppressed may came out with a design of the oppressors and become oppressive………………


Now, the major question is, was the man and men who killed the black man being oppressed or was they fired corona virus ….covid 19? May be this was not either first action against the black…………………. There once lived a black man in Uganda …… Africa named Idd Ami. He worked a military man in the government of the late president Milton Obote of this once pear of African state. There is also another Military officer……….PATTON, an icon in the America’s military forces, who amounts worth looking at and whofought in the  second world war, first landing at Cammeroon .the into Tunisia, before crossing the sea and entered Eastern Europe countries


Field Marshall Idd Amin Dada came into the top most leadership in Uganda after over throwing the government of a well educated and British mentored president Doctor Milton Obote in 1972.


Before the fall of Dr. Obote, he had sent out Idd Amin to go to DRC – Congo, then, Congo Zaire to smuggle out gold and, he Obote refused to give Amin his shares of the root. He felt been misused by his boss. He felt bad and in a state of emotional insanity, he Amin declared to deal a below against his boss. Obote had to go, his leadership to perish in the hands of greed hungry leaders.


And then, and too soon, the now self-proclaimed president for live in the Republic of Uganda came out in his own colors, and out of his head grew horns. He turned to British nationals, harassed them, made a man called hill and others to carry him in a sedan chair like the king of the aged. It was a great horror! And without targeting the Asia community which had arrived in Kampala city as the Mombasa Kasese railway line did, were too counted a watu wa muzungu ……… Britons and had become very rich as owners of factories, plantations and every business sector in the very rich economy were all taken by government.


This very Indians who were bloodline in the Uganda’s everything, everywhere were ordered to pack up and leave the country within a period of three months. In Britain, America, Canada and other Western sided countries took the matter as barbaric, racism and insanity in the modern times….. And Indians had to move out….

Idd Amin was****** and soon in his racial belief, the proclaimed himself into many badges in the military force. He became field Marshall Idd Amin Dada, General Commander en-chief, conqueror of the great British Empire. This time around Britain had no way out to throw up towel.


No other to deal with a sane lunatic man!. Education, agriculture, health and all other sectors, social life and even live were all corrupted and grounded. Many people were murderers came…. Uganda would never be the same again and the stigma of racism continued to be felt in Uganda even to date.


LADISLAS FARAGO dared to be the very best man for both the pen and paper. So daring was Farago for moving a set further-on to write the most, maybe the greatest old blood and guts, the most flamboyant and controversial field commanders of the times….PATTON, or deal and triumph.


He was a great united states field marshal who unlike field marshal Idd Amin had earned his many title in the very battlefield. He fought agreed.

He last decoration and titles and still patron one man battle to turn the war of the nazi Reich into a war against communism.


It should be noted this war was and could never be a war against Nazi but toward hatred, racial only for us……….. winning. Now the, Britons wanted to take all the winning credits in the field. Eisen however, Bradley together with Montgomery were all, among war general working and acting in all way to bring Patton down into nothingness.


It would be good if you may understand these two members in the military forces. Field marshal Idd Amin Dada Over threw the Uganda’s government with a promissory to save the people’s right. He destroyed everything with many people murdered. He died while been in exile in Saudi Arabia.


Field Marshal patton joined the forces with a promise to serve his nation. The man and soldier almost came a ground when he slap a young, newly conscript in a Military Hospital in Sicily. It should be stated here in; statement of peace of mind is not only given in the world of Natural creation but also the making of man. Both Field Marshal couldn’t have it and both had to die in frustration.

In this time when all people are canoed with the deadly corona virus, both young and old, rich as well as poor, members of police and military are being nailed to keep peace and mostly during the lockdown.


Media reportage have it whips, clubs and gun tins been used against the world citizenry to make peace and calmly in brutality ways, matter and moans.

It’s a high time when members of security forces should be retrained in reformation. United Nation, International Security sector – ISST and many other stake holders are now mostly committed in the security of human race but still there are more to be done.


More to say, no matter how many bills of rights would be passed both the military would still react angrily towards insult and abuse meted against them by members of public. They too are human being, soul, body and mind.


As many people may not be aware there is an art called future logy and in enrich Daniken words this art helps worldly governments to do planning in advance. The mankind may also be able to plan for its own future and foresee what the study would be, maybe ten years ahead of our time.


It should be agreeable the World do not wish to witness the racial killing like what had happened in the United States of America, now and in the future to come. If not, the worldly citizenry would continue to cry: black lives matter and while this is going on, the elephants, lions would be giving guard to the women giving birth while Hyena outside the hut continue bringing down in a laughing for truly is still the land of George Adamson.


Even then, can world entrust its safety in the hands of both military and police forces, men with guns in their hands and other kinds of weaponry…..?

Here, we have men who are yet to even try to change the ways and manners of their stone aged trainer who could only master hatred, injustice, corruption, men who are ready to use all kind of violence so as to get high into and other self-gains.

As soon as coronavirus disease had been reportedly members of Kenya police force to law into their own hands and started to beating people said to has broken the 7p.m steamed curfew. This caused an uproar among the public.


In response , a police oversight Agency, in Kenya IPOA, through its senior officials in a TV show talk agreed they are still being trained in the very old manners and yet to understand justice in human rights, security injustice among others needs.


Could this be the major problem causing all the very wrongs in the violation against people with the police force worldwide? The old trading methods were only to the government of the day to suppress the citizenry.


To beat up people, arrest and detain them even without a major cause and without a chance for a self-defense. Due to this many people had died in police cells. One major killing took place in South Africa when a black human right activist Steve Biko who was put on hook because of fighting against apartheid, color bar mooted education system.


This is the very police system that was applied against king of Buganda’s Kingdom, Kabaka Mutesa those palace a few miles outside, Kampala, beauty scenery, standing in a hills top, was with orders from president Dr. Milton Obote .was heavily saged by members of Uganda’s security forces.


Here in, the people, cats, hen ankole cattle’s were all killed and every grass thatched huts were burned into ashes…… and yet a senior police official, sitting in front of T.V cameras could smile openly and talk of old training method with in the people forces….


How many death did Amin and others left behind and the destructing of all environment life…. And with more than three millions of dead people in the battle lines where filed marshal patton, Hilton among other fought off their enemies


At the time of writing this paper ,Republic  of   Mali is in more conflicts than ever  before ,with people being  killed, tortured , with women and girls being raped.

The world community is calling all to come up and say—enough is enough and our lies matter.NOW








Holds a diploma in Journalism



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Aug 01, 2020
Aug 01, 2020


Aug 06, 2020
Aug 06, 2020

Thank you for comments , believe you understand what in Africa we call racism
tribalism and how it is used to cause problems to others

Nini Mappo
Aug 01, 2020
Aug 01, 2020

Hi Simon,
Good on you for speaking up against racism. You use an apt metaphor of spores to describe racism, because it can propagate itself very quickly and cause death in its wake, whether physical, psychological or emotional death.

You bring many incidents of racism across the world into the plot, including Iddi Amin Dadda's expulsion of South East Asians out of Uganda on basis of race. But let us continue to hope that these incidents will become fewer and fewer, and that one day all peoples of the world can stand together as one.

Aug 01, 2020
Aug 01, 2020

Thank you for sharing.

Aug 06, 2020
Aug 06, 2020


Aug 06, 2020
Aug 06, 2020


Busayo Obisakin
Aug 01, 2020
Aug 01, 2020

Hello Sam
Thank you so much for speaking against this injustice on humanity. You have analyze the issue so well. We shall overcome someday! Well done!!

Aug 06, 2020
Aug 06, 2020

Thank you for coments and sure enough ,one day we are to do just so you say

Sep 22, 2020
Sep 22, 2020

Hello Simon,
Thank you for sharing and speaking against racism

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