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Greetings Women Of the Worlds
I am Living and surviving in the UK, and involved in education, community and management development. Also a mother of five 2 girls and 3 boys youngest being 12. Involved in politics, as opposed to the politricks, of the current world stage. Love music, sewing and reading, Gardening as well ,we have an allotment to grow and try new techniques and varieties of food ; Currently keeping journals to record my life. I am a writer and I love to write

An activist by all means, attempting to make changes happen generating passion for issues that affect us, creating positive solutions to resolve them.
Love my family, learning how to love myself and appreciate the life I have. Created the community group called ileto Caribbean People's Network, an N.G.O made up of volunteers, the users of the service become the members of the group we have been operating since 2000.
We are looking for more partnerships of members from Afrika America and the Caribbean, as well as other Partnerships, exchanges transferral skills micro finance, any thing is possible. Link my page and become part of our community.

We came into being to create culturally appropriate services from our Afrikan communities; The K in Afrika is our acknowledgement of Kemet Ancient Afrika Egypt. We have European partnership in which we are organising exchanges.

Please join us in our campaign to bring about world peace through the elimination of racism which transcends,every "ism" created to cause distractions from our goals.

As we are women we have unique Gifts passed down through generations of time, we have been made to forget these senses which activate the spiritual part of our brain, But I could be wrong, this site is so amazing Warrior women survivors. We can choose to recognise that as women we are powerful beings we can and do make magic happen
Look at us on this site connecting , read the stories the journeys, Women are Gods among our men truly, we survive the isms we are the ones that birth life.

Even though some of us don't know this Yet!

Let it be our mission to enable to demonstrate this by our collective actions.
It was no coincidence that we found this site. sista.kenya( Skype) kenyasue smart ( facebook) [email protected] organisation email. For my people; for life ; ileto CPN & spoken word raising awarness about the effect that Racism has on Afrikan Communities development Pan-Afrikanism in Action, Management, Community, Racism Awarness,

My Vision

All of us being part of the solution to illiminate global racism & reparations for children of the kidnapped people


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