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Funding For Development of Hydroponic Farming intiatives Guinea & Sierra Leone/West Africa Small Farming Enterprise

kenyasue smart
Posted January 3, 2015 from United Kingdom
Expired on March 4, 2015

We are looking to develop hydroponic Farming systems with Rabbit husbandry in West Africa.Looking for potential investors & Farming Funding bodies for the start ups.These intiatives will be community led in the Country of creation. The systems will be sustainable in the sense farming production and feeding of the animals will be recycled using permaculture methods.The animals will be free-ranged into colonies. Examples of these specific farming systems are already in operation in Kenya, where practical training is offered to demonstrate the building of the systems for plant production.The concept created in Australian to enable food production using very little or no water.This saves on space and resourses and is economical to operate.

The rational for the programme is to support cottage industries for women,in particular to gain the expertise to create and manage cottage industries to enable the community to have access to more self help intiatives. The end result/outcomes will benefit their familes and access education for their children.Learning of new transeferable skills and self sufficient living. We look forward to working in Partnership with our international connection to make this a reality.

The needs list is below.

1. List of Funding bodies who support farming intiatives for West Africa.

2. Seeds for the seed banks

3. Support with funding proposal to develop the bid succinctly

4. World Pulse members residing in the Countries mentioned above, who would be interested in working in partnership.

Do contact me on the links below as they are the most efficent means of communication .



Email:[email protected]

Face Book:kenyasuei

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