The relationship between Hysteria and inequality

Sister Zeph
Posted July 16, 2021 from Pakistan

I am one of the happiest women in the society where I live. I am single, there is no man to help me at my home. I have been under constant threats because of my cause to educate the most disadvantaged women and children, I am a single parent of two little babies, I have been working to give ten years’ free education to 200 children, to empower 300 women annually through skills training, by giving Biblical education to 500 Christian children in many villages, to feed many widows and their children and to support my family.

I am still very happy in my life and I never get tired of my work, and the reason is that I have independence, I have the authority to make my own decision and to live a life of my own choice.

This luxury is not possible for the majority of women in my society. They feel alone, helpless, and dependent on others. The patriarchal culture has so deep roots in our minds that, women do not understand what is bothering them and how to express themselves. This makes them feel tired mentally and physically.

Which makes them patients of hysteria, they start living a life that they do not know came from where in their minds.

  This feeling has given birth to people claiming that they have supernatural powers which they can use to cure these women who have been suffering from demons, according to them.

These (Mostly men) are being treated like kings and common people worship them. They have so much power and authority that men who do not allow their women to go out of home alone, allow these men to treat the women the way they want to.

They beat them, they rape them, they keep them in their homes for days and they burn them.

I have seen countless women having such stories.

Today I was standing in my home, getting ready to give a bath to my 2.4 years old daughters. When a lady came to me full of anger and said that she wants to talk to me about something very important and that she could not give me even a few minutes to give a bath to my daughter first, so I asked her to tell me what had happened.

She said, she has been demon-possessed for many years now and she is afraid that her daughter will also be possessed if she will not get rid of this ASAP, She added that the demons make physical relations with her.

Therefore she went to a BABA G(A man with supernatural powers) who has beaten her a lot and burnt her hands to punish the demons inside her so they would leave her alone.

This lady is a student at our vocational training center where we give free skills training to underprivileged women. Because this lady was beaten and burnt so bad by BABA G therefor she could not attend her classes and her teacher inquired her about her being absent, which makes this lady so angry that she went door to door in the village and told them that she has been cursed and misbehaved by a teacher at the Zeph vocational center and now she was complaining to me about the teacher as well and was telling me that all other women in the village are also very angry on this inquiry. I just listened to her and told the teacher to let her have left until she does not feel better.

Later on when I was sitting there still, she went to her class and started stitching a trouser, she was not good at this and requested her teacher to help, who helped her and all in a sudden this lady started shouting and said that the teacher has tried to stitch it three times, but even she could not because demons do not let anyone around her do anything well.

Another lady in my neighborhood who thought, her husband was cheating on her, went to a BABA G to get the cure of this issue and make her husband crazy about her. This BABA G beat her so much that she does insane things, she makes herself naked in the street, she keeps sitting outside her home alone and I have seen in the security cameras installed at my home that many times she goes out at 2: am or 3: am or even early morning, her children are so much worried for her because she rarely eats anything, she has become a skeleton and she does not recognize anymore to her husband and the children.

Her husband has to go out for work, she is not fine therefore he got their 15 years old daughter married because he says that at least his daughter will be safe at the house of her in-laws, their son has to leave school and started working as child labor because the father has to take care of the mother many times and cannot earn enough to feed the family alone, their third child is also a girl and she also has left the school so that she can take care of the household

I do not know what is the reality of demons, but I do know that these BABs need to be screwed by the Government because they have no right to treat these innocent women like this. Also, the women who claim to be demon-possessed should be treated first by a psychiatrist.

We human beings are equal no matter what gender we have, We all have dreams, guts, shortcomings, we all fall and rise up, we fail and get successes the next time, the real peace in our homes, minds, countries, and the world will come when we will start looking at all human begins just like human beings and will forget to name or treat them by their gender. 

I do not understand one thing, the men are being given birth by women and then they treat women as unequal to them, how can they do it. 




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Jul 16
Jul 16

Dear Sister Zeph,
You clearly reside in a heart space of compassion. A space that your own heart has created. The world is dark, unequal and unfair in too many places. Even the oppressors that you speak of were more than likely horribly treated and oppressed as youngsters. Not feeling sorry for them. Just speaking about the cycle of madness. The oppressed becomes the oppressors. It is so unfortunate that women and children have to suffer the greatest blows of torment in any society. I dream of the day that we will finally have enough, rise up, and take no more as a massive movement. Until then, unfortunately no one ever did or ever will be serving women kindness on silver platers. We have to create it, and take it for ourselves or just be lucky enough to receive it. I admire your strength, fortitude and strife.
Massive hugs...JoMarie

Jul 17
Jul 17

Dear sister. Thank you for being a strong woman, independent and self-sustaining, positive and hardworking. Thank you for being an active example for women in your community. The story of this individual is sad, my heart melts...and I am in mourning for the kids who are now paying a huge price too. In my silence I sometimes think to my what do I do? May God help them and be ever near in their lives. May their family "togetherness" be restored and revived. Thank you for your caring thoughts toward them.

Laa'iqah SeedSower
Jul 17
Jul 17

Dear sister,
Thank you for your courage and compassion.

Standing for truth is not easy, but reading about you doing it with grace fills my heart with hope.

Rahmana Karuna
Jul 18
Jul 18

having been fully trained in "western" medicine, which i call "illness perpetuating medical industrial complex" and which is fully patriarchal system. not sure "psychiatrist" is the best bet. Hysterectomy-removal of the uterus=removal of hysteria. that is where the term hysterctomy originated.
please keep up the good service of lifting women up. believing in themselves. self supporting and independence.

Jill Langhus
Jul 19
Jul 19

Hello Dear Sister Zeph,

I'm so sorry you continue to have so many challenges. I keep thinking surely her fortune will turn around. You're doing such good work for so many. You deserve so much better. It's so sad. I wish that the government would regulate/stop these Baba G type people. They sounds really dangerous to women. And, you really don't need more challenges. I literally don't know how you keep going sometimes. You're so courageous and brave, dear. Keep doing your courageous work and lean on us, when you need it. We will always be here for you. I'm still waiting to see your big breakthrough. I keep thinking it's just around the corner:-) XX

Jul 24
Jul 24

Dear Sister Zeph,
It is a sad reality of many women today, what your post just described and it is even sadder when it happens in places where the women have little or no say and blindly believe these BABs while the government largely does nothing.

I admire your courage, compassion in staying the cause here day in, day out.
I hope you are doing well.
Sending you lots of love