An Initiative to Control Street Harassment

Sister Zeph
Posted March 14, 2015 from Pakistan

After doing work for many years to promote women’s rights, now we have decided to do work to provide skills and jobs to the men too, for this purpose Zephaniah Free Education has made a contract with an organization which will give free trainings to the men and boys of our area for free. And those who will perform well during their trainings will be given jobs by this organization.

So today I and my team visited a village to tell men about this, so that they can take admission in these trainings

We decided to do this to control street harassment because boys who do not have any skills and jobs they keep sitting on roads and harass the girls, so parents stop girls to get an education and do not allow them to do a job to keep them inside the walls of a home.

So if boys will have a work and they will keep busy they will not think such ugly things, and girls will be able to move freely in order to make their future safe and to make their dreams come true .

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Lisa Anderson
Mar 15, 2015
Mar 15, 2015

Dear Sister Zeph,

What a fantastic plan to expand your training to men, and to offer men who do well in the program jobs! Education is so key in making societal change. This is an empowering approach you've taken.

How have the men responded thus far? I hope you are hearing positive feedback and garnering interest in the program.

Best wishes with this new endeavor!

Warm regards,


Yvette Warren
Mar 16, 2015
Mar 16, 2015

You are a model of leadership. I love your inniovative way of approaching solutions.

Kristina M
Mar 19, 2015
Mar 19, 2015

I like your way of thinking Sister Zeph!  Not only should this help with the problem in the short term, it has the potential of long term changes in the community.  Hopefully as the boys grow older and become fathers, they will want ALL of their children to become educated and that will be a benefit to everyone.

I hope many men and boys join the program and make it a success!

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