This Election is not a defeat of a woman but of equality

Sister Zeph
Posted November 9, 2016 from Pakistan

It is 10: PM 9th Nov-2016 it was a tough day. Which started with a hope for me and for women of the whole world, I am almost 12 thousand kilo meter far from America but still my heart was there, I was planning of a celebration in night, a celebration for women, for women’s victory, for women to be recognized as a leader of the super power and for a new history.

There were a lot of dreams in my eyes, our global sister Hillary Clinton was in my thoughts all the time, it was feeling like each person on this earth is thinking about American election today.

I was walking on the road with a strange energy; everything in front of me was shining. In my office everybody was looking on their computer screen behind the office work they were having updates on election, we were watching counting of each vote, and around 11: AM our time the topics were changed; on all social media walls where ever I would see there were gestures like, why? How? On my God, how is it possible? How they can do it? Is it true? Is it a dream?

But it was a reality. We are all in a shock still and one question which our generations will keep asking that is that why and who took this decision on 9th –Nov-2016 and we will keep looking for its answer I do not know for how many years.

This is a one side of today’s election but we have another side also which leads us to hope and unity and shining. That is this reality that this election has united women from each corner of the world, we have come to know that no matter how right a woman is but even most educated and advanced nation does not accept her as their leader even in 21st century , we have realized that how much work still is needed to be done to reach the level of equality, we have come to know today that if in America for a woman it is still impossible to be a president then what about those women who are still living a life in fear, who still suffer all life and imagine that after death they will go to heaven so its Ok if they have to bear so much pain in the life.

Who cannot decide with own choice what to eat, what to wear, when to sleep and when to wake up

This election has given an opportunity to the women to be united, to stand up for each other, to empower each other so that together we can proof that if a woman can manage a home it means she can manage a country too.

One more thing which we have seen today is that this election is not only discussed by the politicians and TV anchors but it was discussed in each corner of the world, on every cup of tea, in every break, on all roads, in all rickshaws , in all buses, in all homes, in kitchens and grocery shops because of internet.

Internet has a power to shack the world in minutes and we are all united because of internet which is a biggest miracle on this earth and thanks to the World Pulse which has provided a plate form to the women of the world to be united, to share their problems, their sorrows, their happiness, their successes this is a place from where we know each other, we know what is happening to our sisters around the world, how to solve their problems, how to learn from their experiences and how to become a strength of each other. I believe that all of us know such men who think that women are just sexual tools or machines to make babies so they have a right to misuse us and it will never change until women have a power to make rules to make such rules where we have equal rights to reach every plate form, to choose whatever career we want, to have an authority at our own life.

We have to be more active than ever, if we will keep silent our daughters will have to face the same life. They will be right but no one will accept them as leaders they will be rejected just because of being women.

Today’s defeat is not a defeat of women because women have every quality to achieve every goal and to play every role and to be a president of a great nation.

But it is a defeat of acceptance. We still live in a world where women are considered as of less value and less IQ level, less strength, less power and less leadership qualities but to proof ourselves we have to be united as women.

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Sarah Murali
Nov 09, 2016
Nov 09, 2016

Dear Sister Zeph,

Reading your message means so much to me on this very difficult day. I am shocked, saddened, appalled, and so so disappointed. I feel like we have been pulled backward in time, and backward in our progress. But slowly I am coming to realize that maybe this pulling back is actually going to give us the space for a running start and huge momentum forward. Now is the time we gear up to race ahead. And it's not just about winning the next big election, it's about changing the systems and cultures of this world that allow misogyny and xenophobia and hatred to persist.

You said, "This election has given an opportunity to the women to be united, to stand up for each other, to empower each other..." It's so true. And I'm so reassured and grateful that this is exactly what I'm seeing right now. I'm seeing friends and acquaintances speak out on issues they had previously supported only quietly. I'm seeing them commit to organizing and to taking action to stand up for the values of love, tolerance, diversity and unity. But it will take all of us pulling together to keep up the momentum, to believe it is possible, and to make the changes that will truly lift the whole world together.

We are in this together and your support means everything. Thank you.