We are uplifting women in Pakistan

Sister Zeph
Posted February 28, 2018 from Pakistan

I invite all the generous people, organisations,companies and all those who have an urge to bring equality in our world to join my mission in Pakistan so that we can educate and empower every single womanwhich is an only way to bring equality in our world

We have two schools with 200 students and a skill center where we teach many skills to women so they can earn by doing work and can support themselves and their families for which we need below mentionedhelp

  1. Color printer (1)
  2. Teachers’ Table (5)
  3. Photo copier (1)
  4. Scanner (1)
  5. Security Cameras for two schools
  6. Railing for two schools
  7. Monthly salaries for twelve teachers
  8. Utility bills
  9. Internet for two schools one skill center
  10. UPS for two schools (Electricity back up system because we have to face a lot of electricity load shedding)
  11. Projectorfor two schools
  12. Registration of new schools 
  13. Affiliation with Board of Intermediate and secondary education 
  14. Three cabinets to keep record
  15. Green sheets for two school for summer
  16. Monthly rent for two buildings
  17. Since our two school buildings are on rent and are small therefor we need a big land to make our dream school, which will not only have separate classrooms but a playground, hostel and all what is needed to make a big change
  • Teachers and mentors please contact me at World Pulse or at Sister Zeph
  • Please donate us atPayPal
  • share the world : I would request you to share my word with your friends and family and who ever you think can help us to educate and empower women in Pakistan I have devoted my life for this cause and I will never stop from my mission at any cost but with your support I can go so far to change lives, Thank you very much for your support God bless you all

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Jill Langhus
Feb 28, 2018
Feb 28, 2018

Hi Sister Zeph... ask and you shall receive. I'd be more than happy to share on my FB and Twitter. I hope it helps!!! Keep up the good work and your mission.

Feb 28, 2018
Feb 28, 2018

My dearest sister, I am excited about your work and I am very proud to be associated with your work with women in Pakistan.

Busayo Obisakin
Mar 20, 2018
Mar 20, 2018

My dear sister
Thank you for the great job among the Pakistan women! You inspire me so much with your work. You are such a great blessing to the world

Apr 07
Apr 07

Hi Dear Zeph. Am so in love with your mission in helping women. May God provide all you need to make it successful. This is exactly what am doing in Nigeria, Because I strongly believe when you empower women they have functional home.
Keep the good work.
Thanks for sharing. You have really Inspired me.
Stay safe.