World Pulse Promotion campaign 2019 and Christian women in Pakistan

Sister Zeph
Posted January 20, 2019 from Pakistan

Zeph Education Pakistan is working since two decades to educate and empower women World Pulse has helped us a lot to transform lives and we believe that World Pulse is the only platform which can bring equality in the world that’s why we have decided to take World Pulse in each corner of Pakistan wherever it is possible for us in our capacity. During these visits we met some Christian women in a village.

Pakistan where 96.25% of population is Muslim and 4% are minorities. Christians are 1.59% of the total population.  Most of them are living under the poverty line and their basic source of income is cleaning. Most Christian women work as maids. Men take drugs and drink alcohol so much.

  Because of poverty they cannot access to proper diet in their childhood so their body and minds do not grow well. They keep fighting with each other over small things.

 They give their daughters to rich people for little money to serve those rich people as maids. Those rich people who think they are masters of these girls they treat them as slaves, beat them, rape them and sometimes kill them and parents of the girls keep their mouths shut for small money.

 Men sale themselves as slaves in villages to the landlords because they do not get employment as they are neither education nor skilled. Most of the Christians work on brick kilns. Children either do not get a chance to go to school or they leave their school before completing their primary education because of religious discrimination in public schools.

on the other side there are very rich and educated Christians, most of them move to Europe or USA and do not try to serve their poor brothers and sisters, Infect those who are rich they also treat bad to the poor Christians.

Before Christianity and Islam came in South Asia (Where Pakistan is Located) Hinduism was the religion of majority which has four main casts Shudra is the lowest one. The people whose job is to serve the other three higher cast’s people, who do all the work which other people feel shame in doing, they were extremely poor and had no right to enjoy the freedom in their lives.

Most the people of this cast Shudra converted into Christianity when English started ruling the South Asia but because before Muslims and Hindus had been treating them as slaves for hundreds of years therefor although their religion was changed but their status in the society could not change because most of them are still living the same life, they could not avail opportunity to make progress and move on.


Women have to suffer the most in this situation because the culture where men are looked at protector of their women there those men have to keep their eyes closed and mouth shut to avoid bigger problems by the landlords. If a Christian father has a fair looking daughter he has to be afraid all the time for her to be raped that’s why they have to get those girls married in their childhood to save their honor.


We met one girl who told us ‘’ my father cleans the sewage in the village and my mother is sick, my two elder daughters are married and I have no brother. One day my mother had to visit the doctor for her medicine, I was alone at home, I was cleaning our only room when a man entered to my house by jumping from our wall in the courtyard and entered in the room I could not hear his footsteps as I was busy in doing my work. He came in, put his hand on my face and raped me, I could not make any voice I was just 15 years old, I did not tell anyone about this incident because I was so much afraid but then after few months I realized I was pregnant, after sometime people started noticing it and I had to tell to my parents about the incident. They did not ask anything from that man because he was a powerful Muslim.

My parents started looking for an old man who could accept me as his wife because a young man would never accept an honor less girl as his wife.

Time passed but no one was agreed to marry me. Finally I was given some medicine and I saw the parts of the baby coming out from my womb.

Then I was married to a forty five years old man who beats me every day and tells me that it is his greatness that he has kept me in his house otherwise I do not deserve a husband because I am a whore in his opinion.

This young lady who told her story cannot access the internet but she gave a message to World Pulse that she is thankful for World Pulse for sharing her story to the world and she hopes that may be by reading her story someone make it possible for Christian women of Pakistan to access to education and empowerment so that some does not happen to anyone else.





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Jill Langhus
Jan 21
Jan 21

Hello Lovely and Dear Sister Zeph,

Thanks for sharing your informative message about religion in Pakistan. It's very interesting, and sad. This poor woman. I'm assuming she can't get out of this marriage or contact the authorities about being beaten? So sad:-( How can she be a whore when she was raped? It isn't even logical:-(

I'm so grateful for all the work you do your school for girls, and all the women you help to empower as well. Please keep doing what you're doing....

Hope you have a good, safe day, dear!

Sister Zeph
Jan 21
Jan 21

Dear Jill thank you to read the blog. in our culture if a woman is not virgin until her wedding day she cannot expect respect from her husband and he can call her with names and can blame her to be a whore and when a girl is raped no one accept that it was not her fault but her family tries to hide it so that no one can know about this thing. this is a basic reason that rapes happen a lot with in families but no one raise the voice against it.

Jill Langhus
Jan 21
Jan 21

Hello dear:-)

You're welcome. Yeah, just wrong:-( Think about if it was reversed and the men were the ones that were held accountable if they were raped or had sex before marriage, and were called names? Can you imagine?! So frustrating:-(

Hello, Sister Zeph,

How strong you are to be a safe haven of these girls. Your observations are true, your call to action is so strong. Indeed, there is this wide gap of the poor in your side of the world (and mine, too) and the rich at the other side. How can we bridge this gap?

My heart breaks that there is no respect for girls/women in Pakistan. That girl who was raped, got pregnant and forced abortion upon her in such a young age went through so much. Now, she is a battered wife. I hope she can leave that hell and find refuge and healing and regain dignity.

Thank you for sharing, sis Zeph. May you multiple your kind.

Mar 07
Mar 07

Sorry to hear about you and thank for trying to save the image

May 19
May 19

Ooh say it again ooo. The poor is a slave to the rich, how sad our society is becoming uncompassionate. Thanks for sharing your story. Its encouraging!