Growing Population of Pakistan is a slow poison for its People

Sister Zeph
Posted June 5, 2019 from Pakistan


Pakistan officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country in South Asia. It is the world’s sixth-most populous country with a population exceeding 212,742,631 people and annual population growth rate of Pakistan is 2.0%.

We are working in rural Pakistan, our focus is to give education to women and to make them empowerment financially, we have a school where two hundred students are getting free education, and young women from different villages come to learn free skills we also help burn victim girls to get free treatment.

We also visit to the villages in our city and in other cities to spread awareness on women’s rights.

One thing that we notice a lot is that in the villages fields are coming to an end, it is getting rare to see crops, farm houses and cows, the land lords are selling their lands and with the money they are making luxurious houses, they are buying expensive cars and villages are losing their beauty, they are becoming like small cities, polluted and noisy.

Small Businessmen give injections to the cows to take out more milk, they bind the mouths of the baby cows with a cloth so that they cannot drink their milk and eat grass instead even when they are just kids and need to be fed by the mother cows. They add some kind of powder in the milk to make it thick so that buyers think it is pure and that water has not been added into the milk and they can feed to their children and can drink happily.

My mother has found a farm house where she has to go so early to bring milk for us in the morning because she thinks this milk is pure, but because she goes so far that’s why we always remain worried for her safety because she has to cross a busy road twice a day, but she does not stop going there because she wants us to drink pure milk.

My city is one of the largest cities that are having most patients of hepatitis C in the world because our underground water is polluted and people do not have access to clean water.

They mix powder of the bricks in red chili, they make cooking oil out of dead animals and use it to make fries or things for children to eat, and people in villages buy this cooking oil because it is cheap for them.

They add a liquid in honey, made by sugar. They add flavors and colors in the fresh juice and people drink it. They use chemicals to make the mangoes rip before time and give injections to the fruits to make them sweet because they have to bring them in the market before the season.

They pack fake oil in the branded packing of the engine oil and people use it.

It does not mean our government never takes an action, but Government takes action through its people and it seems like almost everybody is involved in the corruption, everybody in the country is cheating others and is being cheated by others.

But question is why it is like that?

It is like that because our population is increasing so fast and we do not have enough sources. most of our agricultural land had been converted into residential colonies, our estate agents and land lords are selling this land for money and then they use this money to buy the poisons I have mentioned above.  

I know some people when they will read this article in Pakistan they will turn against me by saying, I am giving a bad picture of Pakistan to the world, but world already knows this because we are living in the global village.

Also we cannot make a change until we accept the reality and this is the reality of our country which we have to change by all means. If not now then it will be too late for us to save our future.

Water level is going so low underground in the country, people have to shift into small houses where they have no space to grow trees for fresh air, because their big houses are being distributed among many siblings and land is getting very expensive to buy specially for the poor.

When I talk to people and tell them to have only two children in my area, they think I am a fool and give them a wrong education, but we do not have enough sources to meet our all needs. In coming years our problems will increase so much.

Our media is doing so much work to spread the awareness among people, But everybody says it is ok we will manage what will happen in the future.

But this is not only the Government that has to play its role, but also the common people and common people cannot be a part of the change until they are being told everyday what they are doing to their future.

2% of our total GDP is being spent on education and this is where the problems take place, if we spend more on our education system, we still have a chance to make a comeback.

But if we want to make a comeback in less time then we have a very good way which is to invest on women. Educate girls and they will educate the family.

Nazish has been working with us for 15 years, it has been two years when she got married, she is a very honest person and loves her work as a trainer beautician in our beauty salon training center, but she says’’ I do not want to have kids until we have enough money and time to raise them well and she was able to convince her husband too because she is well educated and has learnt from our center.

Those who have no education they have no hope and those who have no hope they always keep looking for shortcuts in life and do whatever they can to achieve their goals, but education make us able to predict the future and that our actions will not only affect our own future, But of our children too.

Making a big house, having some bank balance and a car cannot save the future, but only education and awareness.

We have to control our population or we have to increase our sources, but we cannot increase our agricultural land which is transforming into houses, if this will keep happening, what our people will eat ? what will keep them alive?   


Reference :Sar E Amm.Koi daikhay na daikhay Shabeer to Daikhay ga





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Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the effect of the growing population in Pakistan, Sister Zeph.

Where is the heart of these businessmen who sells milk, oil, honey and all the stuff you mentioned above in tricky, self-serving methods? But I understand, because there are products like those in the Philippines, too.

Our vegetables for example are injected with chemicals so they don’t rot easily. So when we thought we ate eating healthy food because we consume vegetables, our bodies are fed with chemicals instead. This love for profit is everywhere.

I’m so sorry that you’re mother needs to travel far to get clean and pure milk. I admire her love to you all. Please hug your mother for me.

I hope this article will ignite an action for change to the leaders of Pakistan. It’s sad because the rich and wealthy can get away with all of these while they can afford to purchase real food for their families. :(

Hugs, Sister Zeph. May the 200 students you raise become future leaders in Pakistan so they can bring social transformation there. Your labor is not in vain. :)

Jill Langhus
Jun 06
Jun 06

Hello Dear Sister Zeph,

Thanks for sharing your story and spreading awareness on the challenges your village and country are facing. So sad:-( I love how your power on in your mission, though, being a beacon of hope and reason! I kept thinking, something needs to be done to re-educate families so they stop having so many children, first and foremost, and like you're saying education is the key to turning things around, too. It does make sense. Have you thought about starting a fundraiser, like Florence did, for at least your village? At least you could get clean water, then. Just a thought.

Nonetheless, I'm behind you 120%, dear... always:-) Do let us know how we can help!


Jun 06
Jun 06

I got you clearly sister zeph. Adulteration here and there everywhere. Its sad that in this our 21st everyone wants to be rich very fast. Hence, they find all unscrupulous ways to acquire their wealth. These things they do to the harm of others and they don't care. Its very sad, nobody wants a simply life. All wants rich life. :-(
Thanks for highlighting this very important facts to us. I hope you are doing very great.

Beth Lacey
Jul 09
Jul 09

A sad story for Pakistan