I nominate Urmila Chanam

Sister Zeph
Posted December 27, 2019 from Pakistan

One thing that has been bothering me all life is that I have seen very few women in my area who dare to fight for their rights because the fear has become a part of their personality, they have been living in this fear for centuries and mothers and grandmothers teach their daughters to accept their circumstances as it is so at-least they will have a home and shelter.

But in subcontinent I have seen one woman who is brave more than bravery, who is stronger than strength, who has guts to say it right when it is right and wrong when it is wrong.

I am talking about my sister in spirit Urmila Chanam from India. I have seen her traveling in the far areas where it is not easy to reach out, but she goes to help her fellow women. Not only in India, but she helps me to educate young women in my country too through Skype. Sister Urmila is one of the priceless gifts that World Pulse has given to me because we met here and she inspires me every day.

The country where people force women to wear a Nath(A big nose pin) which means she is like a pet for husband and this nose pin shows that the woman is a slave and now the man will decide her future.

In such a culture she reaches out to women, educates them about menstrual hygiene, protects them, helps them, gives them hope, loves them, hugs them and shows them through her own personality and character that women are enough strong to claim their fundamental right to be equal to men.

I nominate her for the spirit award because she deserves it.


Urmila Chanam

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Jill Langhus
Dec 27, 2019
Dec 27, 2019

Hello Again Dear Sister Zeph,

I agree.. Urmila is a fearless trailblazer, although, I think you fit this bill, too:-) Thanks so much for sharing your loving nomination of dear sister Urmila! Oh, dear. I didn't know about the nose pin thing:-(

Which spirit award category are you nominating Urmila for, dear? Ambassador, Sisterhood or Encourager?


Urmila Chanam
Dec 27, 2019
Dec 27, 2019

Dear sister Zephaniah,
I am deeply moved by your love and blessed to walk with you on this life's journey.With lots of love and wishes for a beautiful 2020.
Love and prayers always,
Urmila Chanam

Dec 28, 2019
Dec 28, 2019

Congratulations Urmila on your nomination. My very best wishes.
Take care of yourself and stay safe.
Warm regards

Anita Shrestha
Dec 29, 2019
Dec 29, 2019

Dear Sis
Great work

Hello, sister Zeph,

This is such a beautiful post for our Menstrual Hygiene Champion, Urmila. Thank you for nominating her. You both are powerhouses of World Pulse. I am inspired by work you both do. Thank you for setting an example and for raising the bar!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Sister Zeph,
How are you. Hope you are well. It has been awhile. Thanks k you for nominating our dearest sister. She is my inspiration. I wish her all the best.
Have a great day.

Sinyuy Geraldine
Jan 23
Jan 23

Hello Zeph, thank you so much for nominating sister Urmila Chanan for the so much work she is doing for you and the women in your country and thank you for your won part of the work. Yes, we need to break the silence in order to speak out for women who are in bondage. what an inhuman way of coding women as slaves or pets. This has to come to an end. I do not accept any cultural practice that impedes the freedom and development of women. Thanks so much for what you are already doing in order to create an awareness in women.

Jan 30
Jan 30

We need to be on a constant journey for our sisters who have not experienced social, economic and cultural freedom. We began our work in 2010 with women in the rural communities of district Hapur in the state of U.P. There was a lot of resistance from all sides for these women to get out of the boundary of their house. The same women have shunned the veil from their head and are running their own micro enterprises in whatever way they can. They make products, packs, brand and sell in urban market.

It was a major challenge before us to bring these women come forward and we succeeded after persistent work with them.

Strength to Urmila!!