World pulse is a door to emancipation for women

Sister Zeph
Posted December 2, 2020 from Pakistan

 I was 13 when I decided to educate underprivileged girls of my village and I did it by opening a free school in the courtyard of my home.

After a few months I was having 50 students and I realized that they cannot afford even a notebook to buy because of their poverty which is why I went to a woman in my village who was an expert in the embroidery and requested her to teach me. She taught me and in return I would help her in the household, then after a few months I started doing the work of embroidery, through which I would make equal to $06 a month, I would use that money to buy pencils and notebooks for my students.

When I was 15 one lady who was a teacher, she offered me a job at her school to look after the kids, when I was 18 my sister helped me to have a job for $20 a month. When I was 22 my sister helped me to have a job where starting salary was equal to $170 a month I would use my salary to bear the expense of the school.  I would work all day and would teach at my courtyard school in the evenings.

While I was doing a job one day a colleague came to my cabin and suggested that I should have a Facebook page. It was the year 2011, I knew nothing about social media, anyways I opened the Google and started learning from there how to use the Facebook, I created a page and started to share the photos of our school on daily basses I was able to have many Facebook friends, I have been very choose about friends therefor all my friends had a background in social work one of them is Ruth Päifwe Bech from Norway, one day she posted on Facebook that they need an admin for their page World Wide Women, I sent her a message and said I wanted to be a volunteer for this job, She accepted my request at that time my English was really poor, but she taught me a lot, I kept posting on their page for a few months.

One day she introduced me to the World Pulse. I love to talk, to read books, to gain and to share knowledge and to write. My heart was so much filled with stories, the stories of failure, of sorrow, of women who live in their homes like behind the bars. I shared those stories and world Pulse heard me and felt me and raised their hand to get me opportunities and sources to uplift those women around me.

I still remember that day when Sister Jensine Larsen talked to me for the first time. I was trembling and crying with excitement.

After her call I was sitting in my room and I was getting so emotional that I again cried a lot because it was beyond my imagination that I was talking to such a great lady.

From the platform of World Pulse I won Lynn Syms global prize and with the prize money, I built a two room school and for the first time in 14 years my students sat under a roof.

Jensine Larsen got me opportunities to speak at International conferences where I have not only gained the confidence to share my story with the international community, but also we got support to have more projects for wellbeing of women and children in Pakistan


Last month I received a message from our World Pulse sister Jill Langhus-Griffin she convinced me to join the Aspire conference while Andra Marasteanu bought me a ticket for the conference.

I attended the conference and got so many connections with sisters who were attending the conference after a few days I received an email like all the attendees of this conference that for the next conference they need volunteers. I wrote back to the Dr Sam Collins that I want to be the volunteer, She wrote back to me that she wanted to have a podcast with me I accepted the offer with pride. She did a podcast with me.

Just two days before I had to wake up around 4: AM in the morning my time because my daughter wanted me to make milk for her. While she was drinking milk in her feeder and I was waiting for her to sleep again, I grabbed my phone and started checking my emails, I was yawning and my eyes were almost closed when I saw an email with a title ‘’ Will you be a speaker ‘’ I opened my eyes fully and saw that it was from the Sam Collins, I replied her ‘’ yes’’

I am going to speak at the conference on the 4th of Dec-2020 and I am thinking that how the Sisters from  the entire world have played a role in my life and how I have been growing with their help.

It seems really difficult to help women have equality in our world, but it is possible if all of us give a little help to every one of us.  

Sister Zeph is not just one person, but Sister Zeph is a representative for hundreds of women, who need to be heard, who need to be uplifted and who need to be encouraged. There are so many women who can become Sister Zeph, Jensine Larsen and Dr Sam Collins but first they must feel that they are not alone and there must be someone who can understand their vision.

After speaking at the Aspire conference I do not know who will come forward to help me to grow more so that I can transform more lives in my part of the world, because I believe that support is there for us we just have to keep moving and we do not have to give up on our dreams as women.

Today I want to thank to the all those women who have been there to lift me up and I was able to help those who have been suffering for years through the support of these empowered women.

But most of all I want to thank the world Pulse because if World Pulse was not there to hold my hand in the most difficult time of my life may be my struggle for these women and children of Pakistan would still be unknown to the world and I would not have that support which I have now.

Thank you World Pulse, I love you always


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Nini Mappo
Dec 02, 2020
Dec 02, 2020

Hello sister Zeph,
I am so glad to read about your history on World Pulse and fighting for education access for rural girls and women. I have heard such inspiring things about you and it is even more so to read your story and see your selfless, visionary journey into literacy for your school and for yourself in the various things you needed to learn to get here . It is wonderful that you are ready to speak, to stand up for women and girls at the conference under such short notice. Good on you! I look forward to learning from you, and it is lovely to meet you here at World Pulse. Praying for peace, rest, and passionate flow of words as you give your talk at the conference. Yes, World Pulse is such a special place for all of us!
Love in sisterhood,

Jill Langhus
Dec 02, 2020
Dec 02, 2020

Wow, Sister Zeph! You to continue to amaze me with your humbleness and love. I can't wait to see your presentation.

Thank goodness that Ruth introduced you to World Pulse so that so many of us could meet you, and be inspired by you, your story and work!


Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Dec 03, 2020
Dec 03, 2020

Hello, Sister Zeph,

I am so happy when I saw your name as one of the Aspire Speakers, together with Busayo! I am excited to listen to you. Please know that the World Pulse sisterhood will be cheering you on! We're proud of you.

Beth Lacey
Dec 03, 2020
Dec 03, 2020

Sister Zeph, it is so nice to hear from you.

Dec 03, 2020
Dec 03, 2020

How are you zeph
I have learned a great lesson from you. Being humble and patient is a great pillar , secondly is about caring for others. I saw that your efforts are very great. in the way you cared for others God has also exalted his people to support you. congratulation

Elisha Jansen
Dec 04, 2020
Dec 04, 2020

Sister Zeph you make the difference in so many way's, that is already such an achievement from a young teenager a girl till now. I am so amazed by that what you did already and I know you have big dreams and I am sure when time comes we will see how that also came true. Just by your Love and great input, goodwill and women powers.
I pray you get grants anyway even by online to do whats needed for all you serve, and will need to manage that's during this pandemic hard to due no travel to countries for congress or other gatherings.
My respect and wish you and yours all the best always!