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Great Book To Help Woman Value And Appreciate Themselves And Each Other

Posted January 28, 2015
Expired on March 29, 2015

My name is Cheryle T. Ricks. I am the Founder, President and CEO of THE SISTER EMPOWERMENT CIRCLE, LLC and the author of the published book, Sister Circle: The Power Of Sisterhood-A Guide To Becoming The Woman God Designed You To Be.

My bookis a book for women and their daughters that describe how important unity is to every woman’s wholeness. It also shows that a sister circle will help women understand the womanhood process and how to avoid the pitfalls that most women experience by teaching women how to value themselves and each other. It allows women to process their pain and receive healing and restoration.

I know that our families, our communities and our world will become a better place once we women are healed, restored and completely aware of our value and worth! Helping women and girls understand their value and worth will equip them to do those things that God has empowered women to do and encourage women to partner with every other woman around the world so they can change our world into a place where love and appreciation can override the hate and indifference that is currently trying to destroy it!

Please Note:

Hardcopy and paperback copies of my book can be purchased online 24/7 on my publisher’s website at: PB ISBN=9781628397895

Or by calling toll-free 1-855-234-2487 Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

Paperback copies only can be purchased on my website:

The e-book version of my book can be purchased online from Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and iTunes.

Let The Gift Of You Continue To Flow Everywhere You Go!

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ma.chona lasaca
Feb 12, 2015
Feb 12, 2015

I believe that one of the things that limit women from attaining economic success is the lack of support group or  poor networking skills.Unlike men who have their own "boy's club" that connects them professionally, personally or politically, women, because of social norms imposed by society especially in Third World countries, are left alone to struggle their way up. Sisterhood is our answer! We need to tap the power of sisterhood so that in every way, we are supported and connected.Your book is most helpful for everyone of us.Ms. Cheryle Ricks please join us in our Economic Empowerement group by clicking this site Together, we can do so much more!