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About Me

Smart Lungu, a graduate from the University of Zambia with expertise in Demography and Economics. Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Advocate for Girl Child Education and a Zero Child Marriage Status for Zambia, Tutor to Students and Street orphans and Managed the Roof Seal Project for I AM ONE IN A MILLION (NGO).

My passion is to have a Free World for all through being instrumental in advocating for Justice and Equality, Respect for every Life and above all, make sure that Girls and Women are given every chance to have their voices heard and treated equal to Men.

My Vision

To have a World by 2030, where both Men and Women are treated "Equal"


More knowledge and funding to make an equatable World where all humans are seen equal and appreciated.


- A voice to the voiceless
-Bringing people together
-Enjoy Research and Reading
- Provide Council to any type of injustice and treatment


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