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About Me

I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died on the Cross for my sins so that i could be made right with God (John 3:16).

Everyday in my country, Kenya there will be someone who is uses the phrase ''naomba serikali'' (meaning i implore the government) to intervene in their current economical/social/political situation. The dependency syndrome on politicians who only care about people during elections is one of the reasons that led me to do a major in Community Development.

As human beings we have to get to a point where we say enough is enough and look within ourselves and ask, ''what is within me (abilities, talents, gifts) that i can use to economically/politically/socially become empowered and even uplift my living standards, change my current situation/condition?''. Mindshift is the key to any change in anyone's life. One has to take charge of their life, else one shall be alive yet dead. This is the reason i aim to be a change agent, to let others know that within them there is the potential to change one's situation and to stop the dependency syndrome that has left many in poverty.

My Vision

- A world where the grave is not the richest place in earth because people died with their potential unrealised.

- Empower people to know/realise that they have the power to change their conditions/circumstances.

- a world with economic/social/political equality.


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