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About Me

I work with young girls and their families living in urban informal settlements in Nairobi. I believe that when women are empowered and supported they can change their lives and their communities. We just need to encourage them because life in an informal settlement can be tough, life can seem like an endless cycle of struggles for girls in this community. We cannot afford to ignore the voice and concerns of these young girls in informal settlements who are often not given a second thought. I am experienced in developing capacity building and advocacy programmes to empower these young girls. I am here to share my experience with others in the world pulse community and learn from others who are taking the lead in making a change, fearlessly influencing their communities positively and without excuses or laying blame on someone else taking the responsibility of creating the world they want for themselves and their communities :-)

My Vision

I anticipate a future where everybody is included, where discrimination is a thing of the past. where everybody's voice matters


At Tushinde Children's Trust ( we need support in writing articles and documenting our work.


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