Women Empowerment Must First

Posted September 20, 2020 from India
Need To Change Prospective towards Women Empowerment
Girl Empowerment Must First

In India there are much discussions on this issue but practically we need to change much more for women empowerment. There is a need of changing the perspective about ’empowered women’ in our country.

1. A single mother raising her child is an empowered women. 2. A women supporting her family is an empowered women. 3. A daily wager women earning for the livelihood of the family is an empowered women. 4. A girl doing studies against the will of her parent is an empowered women. 5. A women doing daily chores of the household is an empowered women.

According to the survey agency of United Nations, nearly 50% of the womens in India don’t have a bank account, same proportion of women don’t have a mobile phone in India. Another survey claims that the impact of gender equality in 2025 in India is estimated to be US$700 billions. In other words, there gender equality can increase the GDP of our country by a massive 27%.

It’s saddening to know that a country where umpteen number of female goddess are worshipped, a love affair is suicidal for women. In the same country a girl can’t go to school for studies. Smoking makes a women slut. A women can’t laugh out loud. And in the same country 94% of the rape victims know the rapist. A rape case takes years for final judgement.

Therefore, there is great need of women empowerment in India at micro and meso level, in order to make India a country where woman can stand head to head with men.

This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Beth Lacey
Sep 22
Sep 22

You are right. Where are the women- and men- leaders of India to push this along?