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Sonwabe Mhletywa
Posted July 27, 2020 from South Africa

Hello everyone, 

Im new here so i feel an introduction is in order. I am a South African, born and raised in the Eastern Cape. I am a visual creative at heart and by profession, i commission wall canvas paintings and portraits both in my country and internationally. Im still trying to figure things out but im doing my best as a single mother. I look forward in finding my place and meeting and sharing with women from all walks of life. 

Thank you

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Jul 27
Jul 27

Hello Beautiful Sister ,
How are you doing ?
Trust you are good ?
Welcome to worldpluse ,
Congratulations on your first
Post and Thank you for sharing . Love always Chi.

Hello, Sonwabeh,

Welcome to World Pulse! I'm happy that a new voice from South Africa is rising up!

Wow, you're a painter! Please keep on writing. We would love to know more about you. I hope you can connect to our global sisters and access opportunities on the Resources Page.

I'm looking forward to reading more from you. Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

Nini Mappo
Jul 28
Jul 28

Hi Sonwabem,

Welcome to World Pulse! Thank you for inviting us into a glimpse of your life and joining this sisterhood.

See you around :)

Jul 31
Jul 31

Welcome to World Pulse Sonwabem :) How are you?

That is great to know that you are a visual creative at heart and by profession. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your canvass paintings and its story :)

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