SonwabeM Art

Sonwabe Mhletywa
Posted August 30, 2020 from South Africa

Im not big on words, but speak volumes in color. New Artwork with prices. Please note courier/ framing & stretching is not included.

If interested in purchase please message me directly. Thank and dont forget support local art

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Aug 31
Aug 31

Hi SonwabeM,

I celebrate your creativity. Thanks for sharing. Keep bringing joy through works of art.


E. J.

Aug 31
Aug 31

Dear SonwabeM,
Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.
I am intrigued by the art work and hope you can find a buyer.
Just out of curiousity, can you explain what the picture is all about? Is there a story or inspiration behind it? Thank you.

Beth Lacey
Sep 30
Sep 30

Great work!