Struggle is Growth.... Level up - next art studio

Sonwabe Mhletywa
Posted November 12, 2020 from South Africa

I have waited for what seems like a lifetime, which in some way has to be standing tall and proud of the accomplishments that i have made possible especially this year. As we are about to the fold and leave behind the year of the pandemic, many of us have stories to tell and some maybe more outrageous than others but nonetheless they are all stories worthy to be told. Everyone that has seen my posts know me as the abstract artist from South Africa. It is official now, yes i am the Founder and principal artist at Urban Art Creative Studio, my website is up and running, its still a long road ahead. My next step is getting my own personal studio space and without having to beg for what i want and need i hope that my artwork sells just enough to gie me a head start in the right direction. if i were to get just 100 people donating R150 (which is $10 USD) i can make it and finally have my own studio (i believe its called crowd funding. its not a must any amount will be greatly. My studio will no longer be my backyard that doesnt function if its a super windy day, raining and or scotching hot. 

for those who have been following my stories and those new please check out my website:

in regards to any offers or donations towards a studio, please send me a direct message [PRIVATE INFORMATION REMOVED BY COMMUNITY MODERATOR]

i have attached the studio image, for potential donors to see my end goal. I hope to hear from you soon

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Jill Langhus
Nov 13, 2020
Nov 13, 2020

Thanks for sharing again, Sonwabe. Good luck.