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Sonwabe Mhletywa
Posted July 29, 2020 from South Africa
Expired on August 31, 2020
Beautiful disaster
One of my available paintings

Hello everyone, if you have seen my recent posts then you will know what I'm all about. I am an artist and probably like many I have suffered tremendously because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am not just an artist I'm also the founder and creative director at Urban Art Creative Studio, it's still new but I'm working hard to make into something that will not just create beautiful art but job creation in the not so distant future. But running a business and also providing for my loved ones is no child's play. Monthly running and bills of the company take a toll...
So I ask if there is anyone out there willing to sponsor canvases and paints, or willing to buy some artwork in support to keep my dream and business running during this time I would really appreciate it. I will post some of the artworks I have available... Please feel free to text me should you have any questions.

Thank you and I hope to hear from someone soon.

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Jill Langhus
Aug 01, 2020
Aug 01, 2020

Hello Dear Sonwabe,

How are you doing, dear? Do you have a website, portfolio, or social media page(s) to like/follow so we can see more of your work? Also, you may want to include how people can contact you. Private message through the forum is usually the safest way. Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress. XX